Residency: Teen Daze – Week 3

Read through as Jamison shares with us his favorite things of 2012, including his prized cat, the National Basketball Association, and a slew of vintage records.


Teddy Feighan aka L.A.’s Monster Rally talks about the last few months.

Due the the impending holiday free-for-all, this will be Jamison aka Teen Daze’s third and final entry as December’s Residency holder. With that said, read through as he shares with us his favorite (or favourite) things of 2012, including his prized cat, the National Basketball Association, and a slew of vintage records.

See you next month.

2012: My Year In Review.

Well, not only is it the time of year to spread good cheer, drink hot beverages, and explain to your extended family what it is that you’re doing with your life, it’s also a time of reflection. For the world that we spend our time in (internet) that tends to manifest itself in the way of the oft-polarizing ‘Year End List’. Now, rather than bore you with your run-of-the-mill Top 10 list, I thought I’d give out some personal awards to some of my favourite things of this year. So come along, won’t you!

Cat Of The Year: Ellie

Let’s start off simple here: “Cat Of The Year” is a pretty soft category, mostly because of the fur (I’m here all week). Ellie, the ever-so-needy cat that I spend my time with, takes this year’s award, with strong competition from Geroy, my family cat that now lives with my cousin and her husband. Geroy has a fine record of past COTY victories, but this year was all Ellie. Some highlights include: the time she jumped about five feet to eat a bug, the time she climbed on top of the kitchen cupboards, and the time she snuck into the laundry room and managed to make her way up to the landlord’s office. Great work Ellie!

Surprise Interest Of The Year: NBA Basketball

Basketball was a big thing for me as a kid; both my parents were coaches, and my older brother was always a well-celebrated player for whatever team he played for. But since finishing high school and starting college, my interests shifted pretty significantly. I played throughout my high school career, but once a guy discovers Kid A, it’s hard to find a lot of depth in something like basketball. At least, that’s what I thought! Somehow I’ve found myself totally enamored with the NBA this year. I’m watching games, highlights, keeping up TWO fantasy basketball teams. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Kid A, but it’s been pretty fun to get back into this. Also, without having a hometown team to route for (RIP Grizzlies), I’d just like to say: Go Mavs, Knicks, Thunder, Nets and Celtics. And Raptors… I guess.

Some Of The Best Albums Not Released In 2012:

WomenPublic Strain
Brian EnoApollo
George HarrisonAll Things Must Pass
The MicrophonesThe Glow pt. 2

Most Anticipated Thing About 2013: Getting married and not being away from home for the majority of the year.

Thanks Portals, and to you for reading! Have the best Christmas, and the happiest New Year!

– Jamison

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