Monthly Mix: Decemeber 2012 (Best of 2012)

Featuring Blithe Field, HAERTS, Levek, and more.


Monthly Mixes highlight our favorite tracks of the month in one place.

It’s easy to define ourselves by the relationships we have. They inform us about ourselves on so many levels. We are loyal or fickle, passionate or casual, patient or jealous, kind or moody, committed or careless. The list goes on. Relating to other humans is our way of looking into a mirror and seeing who we really are. This is often how a lot of us connect with music. We form a relationship with it, and that relationship is based on the emotions that the music makes us feel. While we may already have the emotions inside, music evokes them in a unique way. We form relationships with albums as they soundtrack your experiences, but single songs become something more entirely. They speak directly to us and become a friend, a enemy, a lover, a mistress, a companion, a god. They become exactly what we need them to be.

These songs have been hand picked by each contributor because they were the songs, that in 2012, made their way into our lives and became what we needed.

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01. Chiffon — “Dru Hill” (via Pasta Primavera)
02. Blithe Field — “In The Moonlight” (via verb/re/verb)
03. HAERTS — “Wings” (via Music Fan’s Mic)
04. Different Sleep — “Turbulence” (via Flashlight Tag)
05. Yuno — “Sunlight” (via Cactus-Mouth)
06. New Terrors — “Night Of The Creeps” (via The Asclepiophone)
07. Lindsay Tuc — “Changedinhouse” (via East to West)
08. First Person Shootr — “You New Web” (via Speaker Snacks)
09. Levek — “Black Mold Grow” (via Tiny Waves)
10. Shigeto — “Huron River Drive” (via Live for the Funk)
11. Anthony Ellect — “Debt” (via Diamond Atlas)
12. Pure Bathing Culture — “Silver Shore’s Lake” (via Magic Teepee)
13. Jared Fairfield — “How Wretched I Am” (via Smoke Don’t Smoke)
14. Polysick — “Totem (FaltyDL Remix)” (via Life: Aquatic)
15. Hundred Waters — “Visitor” (via AWD Castles)
16. Fthrsn — “oooweeooo” (via Zen Tapes)

  • anothercountyheard baldwin

    it would be a lot cooler if you linked to the tracks.

  • bread legs

    agreed, I want a way to get to the tracks at least. is a dl on the bandcamp out of the question?

    • Ian Stanley

      potential copyright issues prevent a download of the mix.

  • godly druqks

    dat drue hill