Residency: Monster Rally – Week 1

Teddy Feighan aka L.A.’s Monster Rally talks about the last few months.

Monster Rally

Residency is a four-part weekly journal entry brought to you by one of our favorite artists every month.

This month, we’ll be hearing from Teddy Feighan aka L.A.’s Monster Rally. We’ll have up-to-date entries from Teddy each and every Friday for the entire month of January. This week, Teddy discusses and reviews the past few months of his life.

Hello PORTALS readers!

I’m honored to be featured in this months PORTALS Residency. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

In August I moved from Columbus, Ohio to Los Angeles, California with my Fiance Kelley and my dog Oscar.

He has mixed feelings about it.

Since moving to LA I’ve discovered so much good food (Pupusas!), seen/played some awesome shows, met some cool people, viewed some incredible art, watched waaay too much Downton Abbey, moved from one end of the city to the other, and put out a new EP. In September I went to the Dublab 10th anniversary show and fulfilled a longtime dream of seeing Peanut Butter Wolf live. The other highlight of the show was Teebs, whose records are always an inspiration. In October, Tim Thompson from Smoke Don’t Smoke hooked me up with my first LA show playing alongside Slow Magic. That dude is crazy.

PB Wolf at Dublab’s 10th Anniversary party

Teebs at Dublab’s 10th Anniversary party

In November we went on a Starline Celebrity Homes Tour, which I’m not ashamed to admit was awesome. I’m pretty sure our guide had some sort of tick from doing the tour too many times, and would begin everything he said with the words “How many of you know…” Sometimes this made sense with the tour (i.e.”How many of you know Beverly Hills is a very wealthy city?”) and sometimes it didn’t (i.e. “How many of you know I had an omelet for breakfast this morning?… How many of you know it was pretty good?”).

‘Coasting’ EP – Alternative Cover

In the beginning of December I put out an EP with John Hastings (RUMTUM) called Coasting. In early December I also had the chance to play a show with several great beatmakers in San Diego. One of the best times I’ve ever had at a show thanks to DJ ADAMNT, Zochi, Mystery Cave, and Sasquatch.

Zochi — “Korean BBQ Mix”

For the last three weeks I’ve been back home in Cleveland for the Holidays, seeing family, eating at my favorite restaurants, and drinking too much Great Lakes Christmas Ale. I’ll be back in LA tomorrow.

See you next week!

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