Recycle Culture – ‘In Transit’

recycle culture in-transit

Every once in a while, an ambient release comes along and easily out weighs any other potential sentiment found with another album. Yet, ambient may be a bit too loose of a word when it comes to Recycle Culture‘s In Transit Bandcamp release. Broken up into four parts, the EP becomes an unspoken story behind a soft and minimal collection of personally gathered sounds.

A lot can be said about the carefully arranged “Pt. 2″ alone, and it’s clear early on that this release tends to focus more on the compositional details of its fluidity rather than rely on just a delicate output. Fitting for an album titled In Transit to support its namesake through the transitions of each track. More so, each part’s given change up, found later on with the tracks, gives us all sorts of different directions not originally or intially expected.

After all, it’s the keenly approached arrangments that speaks volumes about the musical insight emitted from Erik’s Recycle Culture project. And I’m not sure that any other minimal release can be as bold without also losing its intended focus because of the various instruments and included sounds. It also may be important to note that most of the time Recycle Culture is found remixing other works. His perspective through dance-heavy edits oddly becomes a critical measure of In Transit‘s well produced nature. Of course, every release still speaks for itself.

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