Residency: Hundred Waters – Week 3

Drummer Zach Tetreault shares some highlights from life on the road.


Residency is a four-part weekly journal entry brought to you by one of our favorite artists every month.

In this edition, Zach Tetreault, drummer of Hundred Waters, shares some unique highlights from their life on the road.

We played our first show on Friday, January 20, 2012. Just about a year ago. Since then, a large portion of our lives have been spent in the sitting position, traveling at approximately 70mph (112kph) from one city to the next. We’ve traversed over 30,000 miles across 2 continents, slept on the floors of countless stranger’s homes & have even become valued customers within the low-budget hotel industry, shelling out a cool 60 bucks for a room like it’s nothin’. Having just run the numbers to the best of my ability, it seems we’ve played roughly 147 shows since that Friday in early 2012 and we’ll play 53 more shows between now and June 5th. We still pour our hearts into every performance, we still get nervous and we definitely still make mistakes. But we love it.

As we prepare to embark upon the longest and most epic tour we’ve been on (40 shows with Alt-J and 10 with The XX), we thought it fitting to wrap up this past year (Year 1) of life in Hundred Waters via these ‘choice’ pictures we’ve gathered along the way. Most of them are not photos of us actually playing shows. Instead what you see are some of the magical moments that make this whole traveling circus routine so special to us.

To aid in this visual documentation, here are a few of the tunes that never fail to lift our spirits while on the road and find their way into our ears all too often:

“White Whispers” – The early days


Landed a gig at a Denny’s/Flying-J truck-stop in Iowa. Played Wonderboom. Tough crowd.

The Big Apple – n00bs

SXSW ’12

Full Flex Express train tour across Canada with Skrillex, Pretty Lights, Diplo, Grimes, Tokimonsta, and Koan Sound.

Meet the dogs. Our unbelievably awesome manager, Mike (big fellow in white). Tim Smith: manager of Sonny (aka Skrillex) & co-founder of our label OWSLA. Sonny: one of the sweetest, most humble, and most talented people on earth.

Train pit stop at a Glacial Lake in the Rocky Mountains: Jasper, Alberta.

L to R: Paul, Claire (Grimes), Sonny (Skrillex), Wes (Diplo), Jen (TokiMonsta), Michael (BloodDiamonds), Will (Koan Sound), Zach & Tray.

After the train tour, we continued on our journeys together…

Hood River, OR

Asheville, NC.

Rooster vs Paul. Asheville, NC.

Burlington, VT.

Would ya just look at those reds?

Dobson, NC.

Last night of 1-month tour with Julia Holter. Columbus, OH

Dudingen, Switzerland.

Trayer. Paris.

Utrecht, Netherlands. Opening for Julianna Barwick.

Art Basel, Miami. Stage by Church of Holy Colors.

Toronto. Mod Club. January 2013.

Freelance Whales & Salt Cathedral. Wilmington, Delaware. February 1, 2013.

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-zach & wawas

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