Lee - walk man

Listen to a cut from Japanese producer Lee’s latest beat tape, ‘walk man’.

walk man

Lee, the beat project of Asano Ryuhei from Fukuoka, Japan, initially stands out through its stitched samples of 1960′s recordings, specifically narrated by chopped vocals. The project falls incrementally closer to a hip hop-affluent production, transient throughout Lee’s entire latest album—an 11 track cross section characteristically fitting around the artistic measures given from the project and everything available before.

walk man also opens on a bit of a softer pop influence, where “dance with me after lunch” features a cover of Astrud Gilberto‘s rendition of “Dindi” and “sayea” becomes one of the heavier beat tracks interlaced along “Talking About My Baby” by The Impressions. In between, “chiiiiiill by the river” touches on John Denver‘s version of “Mr. Bojangles” so well, its static percussion becomes an afterthought behind the vowel-shifted production. The rest of the album plays precedent to a well-rounded accord found between each track of a passively discerned jazz interest. Yet, it’s really the last track, picking up after the first half’s blend into a solemn nocturne presence of drifting keys, that brings this album full circle.

walk man; self-released January 11th 2013.

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