R.L. Kelly - Life's a Bummer


Warm intrinsic values inherently rooted in apathy go over nicely in head space. Singer-songwriter Rachel Levy has connected on many of the same tones before, but R.L. Kelly‘s Life’s a Bummer is truly her first solo release. And there’s a clear sense of influence built over the six available tracks, especially given the Alex G cover. It’s likely this influence was the final push needed for this short album to surface yesterday.

Even just a few days ago, “You’re Not the Only Monster from Hell” was posted on the growing 420 Love Songs compilation, with the title-track posted directly after. It’s almost unbelievable how heartwarming each song ends up feeling despite Rachel Levy’s carefully crafted existential context throughout the album. Lyrically, “Familiar Haunt” falls under some of the more introspective songwriting, as Levy sings, “being alone is nice and depressing, but really I’m sad because I know I’m the best of the worst.” The included ambient interlude in “I Had a Dream Last Night” follows up nicely before the album’s finish—a fitting farewell to the quote, “gotta get that sad out.”

Life’s a Bummer; self-released February 19th 2013.

  • godly druqks