Sessions: Empress Of – “Tristeza”

Watch Empress Of play a stripped-down version of “Tristeza.”


Sessions are intimate performances filmed exclusively for Portals.

A few weeks ago we posted the first (of many) Portals Sessions—a stripped-down, acoustic rendition of Empress Of’s “Hat Trick”. Now, we’ve got part 2 for you to enjoy—a stripped-down, acoustic rendition of “Tristeza”. Watch the video below, and purchase System’s, her new EP that features both “Hat Trick” and “Tristeza,” either here or here.

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Download the audio from both sessions below:

Special thanks to:

Daniel Dorsa (Producer/Camera)
Jake Martin (Producer)
Alex Penrose (Producer/Camera)
John “Michael” Landon (Sound)
Gorilla vs. Bear (Co-Premiere)

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