C.Z. - Bathtub

Listen to ‘Bathtub,’ a new record from MIOID’s C.Z.

cz bathtub

Veered afar from the M|O|D collective’s trap-heavy roots, C.Z.‘s debut full-length finds him deeply submerged in a unique sound that sets him apart from the typical palate of his Boston counterparts. It’s a smooth blend of funky dance, Lego Island (the PC game), and a debilitating rip from a water pipe.

Bathtub feels natural and effortless, perhaps evidence of C.Z.’s penchant for experimentation on past M|O|D compilations. Still possessing an undeniable rawness, the young producer, also known as Cody Zinser, is notably patient, focused on gradually developing simple, yet beautiful melodies atop playful rhythms. His recent loosely aquatic excursion kind of reminds me of New Age in a weird way but without so much epic soloing or spiritual pan flute. Maybe it’s his frequenting of heady digital pads, apparent attention to texture, or persistent use of airy reverb—maybe that’s too far a stretch. Regardless, you don’t have to be into New Age at all to fall deep into C.Z.’s comfortable allure.

Give Bathtub a full listen below and download it from M|O|D:

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