Elvis Depressedly - holo pleasures

Listen to a new cut from Elvis Depressedly’s latest album, ‘holo pleasures.’

holo pleasures cover

12 minutes isn’t a whole lot of time for a musician to convey everything they want on a record. But some musicians give off the impression that they’re always writing new music. Everything that follows a notable release tends to welcome disparate levels of reflection, kept akin behind the novel characteristics that first drew you in. Whether it’s directly drawn from the vocals or passively gained through the layers surrounding its harmonies, holo pleasures is heedless, but is still a fitting progression for the project’s namesake in Elvis Depressedly.

Yet, the scope of this release actually draws more influence from previous Coma Cinema records rather than the few self-released Elvis Depressedly albums. The opening half lingers through Blue Suicide-reminiscent tones, where “pepsi/coke suicide” sparks much of the initial connection. The later half of this short release blends in even more outer-lying elements unaccustomed to Elvis Depressedly. “weird honey” easily stands out on this side, especially as Mat Cothran sings “if there’s a cool spot in hell, I hope you get it.” New distinctions and past connections both become equally important for this release.

holo pleasures 7″ is out April 16th via Birdtapes.

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