Lo Goose – “Old Love”

Listen to “Old Love” by the new Denmark-based duo, Lo Goose.


It’s been about a year since the warm and lush vibrations of Danish electro-pop craftsmen No Magnets conjured their wonderful “Spatial” for last year’s PORTALS Summer Mixtape. Well, it sounds like a couple of the members have decided to pursue something slightly different with Lo Goose. Whenever Thomas or Kasper manage to cross the Kattegat for a visit, the Lo Goose duo are busy chopping up samples and laying down some live drumkit instrumentation.

Here’s what Lo Goose had to say about the band and their recent track “Old Love”:

Lo Goose started as one of those drunken start-a-band-conversations. We joked about how awesome it would be if we started this “hiphop-Japandroids”-type side project with the two of us making fun and hard-hitting hip-hop. Kasper lives in Aarhus, I live in Copenhagen, so whenever we get together, we eat pizza, drink beers, and record. And like I said,¬†we use a simple set-up including only a Yamaha drum-kit, a sampler, a turntable, and stacks of old soul records, so usually we end up with just two or three tracks on each song, which is something we’re not at all used to with No Magnets.

“Old Love” juggles a series of choir chants, bleated brass horns, and pocket drum grooves. Check out the track above and the grainy world video footage below. “Old Love” will be released with five other tracks on the upcoming Mati Diop EP, which will be available on April 29th. Keep an eye on Lo Goose for more updates.

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