Lord RAJA - Rubies

Listen to a cut from Lord RAJA’s new ‘Rubies’ EP.


A long long time ago, LFTF stumbled upon the NYC producer Chester Raj Anand. Then we asked him to become our LFTF001, and he said yes! Just like any strong marriage, the union was symbiotic.

It wasn’t until yesterday that we all noticed he had finally been signed, and by Ghostly of all labels. It would have never occurred to use that Valenti and company would even think of Lord RAJA as a contender, but the more we listen to his free Rubies EP, the more we’re glad he entered into another marriage. The Rubies EP is experimental in its purest sense. Raja crafts this record with childlike curiosity, playing with samples and sounds—manipulating them, crunching them, effecting them—until he likes what comes out.

Head over to Ghostly to download this EP for free, and keep a look out for more from this star on the rise.


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