Petra Glynt – “Sour Paradise”

Listen to the debut track from a new project called Petra Glynt.


The evolution of an artist often leads their creative adventures into strange, new terrain. For Alexandra McKenzie, her work lives and breathes on its own unique, magical planet. For years, she’s become known for delving deep into the psychedelic wonderlands of her imagination to forge her own beautifully warped, visual works; making a unique mark on Toronto’s growing arts community. Now as Petra Glynt, she looks to tackle sound in the same way she approaches her artwork.

Her latest offering brings us to a land of uncertainty. Upon arrival, you’re greeted by the trickles of organic noise and tribal drums, flowing from the sky in unison. As the flow intensifies, the once lite flow of sounds forms into a sonic anomaly of swelling synths, warped drums, and gorgeous cries from the mystics.

“Sour Paradise” is a world trapped within itself, looking for the answers in a field of lies. As Petra guides you deeper into the land, the field of noise just becomes one vast realm of rich, fuzzy elegance and countless possibility.

This track is just a taste of what’s to come from Petra Glynt’s forthcoming release. Nothing is set in stone yet, but word is something magical is in the works. Until then, Toronto folk can catch her live a few times this month.

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