Pressed And - ”Creed Unlove”

Listen to “Creed Unlove,” the debut single from Pressed And’s forthcoming Stone Candles LP.

Pressed And "Creed Unlove" Art

Pressed And is Mat Jones and Andrew Hamlet. Their third release, and first full-length, is just around the corner. Stone Candles will be out June 6th on Mush Records.

Below is the first cut off the new record, and it only serves to reinforce the unique musical relationship the two have found. Balancing each other’s strengths and weaknesses, Pressed And creates a sound entirely their own. The magic of their relationship is in their ability to marry these meditative folk elements with intricate electronic elements, empowering them both to live harmoniously under the warm roof of raw experimentation. Following both Imbue Up and Hyper Thistleit sounds like this release may be taking a more earthy feel, reflecting on the duo’s southern roots.

Listen to “Creed Unlove” below and let it act as further evidence of the nearly unending versatility of Pressed And.

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