Artist Mix: Anenon

Stream a mixtape made specially for Portals by Anenon.


Artist Mix is an ongoing series of mixtapes curated by some of our favorite artists. 

Rhythm, classical and contorted, drives this mix made by Los Angeles producer Anenon of Non Projects.

A mix is always a good excuse for me to share some music that has currently been in rotation as well as a chance to dig for some tunes that I may have forgotten about. Arve Henriksen’s “Sanmyaku” (released on my favorite label, Rune Grammofon) remains strongly formative for me, while revisiting Squarepushers “My Sound” (‘98?!) reaffirms that music in 2013 is still quite rotted. Not one to hold back sharing recent personal developments, I have also included a couple of new Anenon works, showcasing different directions in both studio and live works. A portion of a completely improvised tenor saxophone with electronics and drum duet wth Jon-Kyle Mohr recorded live in downtown Los Angeles opens the set. Also, there is a new solitary beat production, revisiting mellotron samples recorded in Madrid during RBMA 2011. Finally, lest we forget Keith Jarrett taking on Shostakovich, showing us again and again that we all have so much more to do.


01. Motron Feldman Speaks on WBAI, 1967
02. Anenon with Jon-Kyle Mohr — “Live at Alexandria, Part 2″
03. Do Make Say Think — “Horns of a Rabbit”
04. Afterhours — “Salt on the Wound”
05. John Coltrane — “Dearly Beloved”
06. Aphex Twin — “Bbydhyonchord”
07. Arve Henriksen — “Sanmyaku”
08. Squarepusher — “My Sound”
09. Dmitri Shostakovich — “Prelude and Fugue No. 2″
10. Ketty Lester — “Love Letters”

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