Jackson Scott – “Sandy”

Jackson Scott’s debut album ‘Melbourne’ is out July 23rd via Fat Possum. Listen to “Sandy.”


Jackson Scott plays his sweeping ode to Sandy Hook with the latest track from his upcoming record, Melbourne.

While the events of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting were disturbing and continue to haunt our country, this song serves as a tribute to those lives lost rather than a political commentary. It reflects the innocence of the children’s lives while constructing a heart-wrenching narrative: from darkness there must come beauty, for this is how we reconcile what horrors we see in life. Scott urges his listener to celebrate the children. In the face of such a shattering tragedy, this can be near impossible. Our hearts are left broken for the children and their families and others effected by the event, but this beautifully simple tune reminds us of how we learn to cope with these tragedies.

Scott’s forthcoming full-length will greet fans on July 23rd via Fat Possum.

  • existing

    Brilliant song, but I’m a bit confused. I thought the album had been made available online for a while. I remember dling it from soundcloud sometime ago, around the beginning of the year.

    • jakePRTLS

      He then got signed to Fat Possum so they took it down. The album will be re-released on July 23rd