Spectre Waltz – “My Love” & “Lady in my Life”

Listen to remixes of “My Love” and “Lady in my Life” by Spectre Waltz.

Spectre Waltz

Over the past couple months, up-and-coming Chicago producer Spectre Waltza Portals favorite—quietly released not one, but two stellar remixes on his otherwise sparse SoundCloud page. One is a dance-sensible remix of Justin Timberlake‘s “My Love,” and the other is a synth-drenched remix of the Michael Jackson classic “Lady in my Life.” I generally steer clear of remixes, but these are simply too infectiously good to overlook.

Oh, and if, for whatever reason, you haven’t heard Spectre Waltz’s debut EP yet, I recommend you stop whatever you’re doing and listen to it.

Stream both remixes, and read what he had to say about each track below:

For the Justin Timberlake remix, I tried to combine my love for 808s with some house type shit. JT has always been a huge inspiration since I started making music, so this remix happened really naturally. I think it went well, I’m super happy with it.

I’m obsessed with chopped and screwed music and pretty much anything that has a slow, slimy groove to it. I seriously can’t get enough of the stuff. Since I was a child, Michael Jackson was prominent in my life, so this remix also kinda just happened. The slowness of it feels so right.

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