Heavy Deeds – “Light Lunch”

Minneapolis’ Heavy Deeds share the title track, “Light Lunch,” off their new psych rock EP.

Heavy Deeds Light Lunch LP

Music without a care in the world. Music looking to open the windows and let the light shine in a bit. Not afraid to kick off its shoes. Not afraid to sing along. Not afraid to have a chorus. Not afraid to let loose and gospel. Not afraid to let rock and roll set you free. Not afraid to be a family. Not afraid to feel good.

Heavy Deeds are a five member group from Minneapolis featuring members of Vampire Hands. They have just released the EP Light Lunch, an album soaked in nostalgic rock vibes. Fleetwood Mac, Crosby Stills and Nash, Buffalo Springfield, and Neil Young tones flutter on the same plane as Heavy Deeds—a powerful amalgam of rock and roll, country, rhythm and blues, gospel, and folk. Spiritual and uplifting, the title track is a dance-through-the-forest, jump-into-the-river, wash-your-worries-away kind of song. It’s perfect for sloughing away the dense work overload as you slip into summer vacation.

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