Video: Pregnant – “Strangers”

Watch a messy new video from the California musician.

pregnant strangers video

With every release (and there’s a lot of them), Daniel Trudeau seems to cull unexpected magic from everyday places. His music as Pregnant collects curious little samples from disparate places—a pleasant single acoustic strum here, an astute toy flute flourish there—and shapes them into pleasantly addictive pop.

On “Strangers,” it’s particularly impressive how messy and raw Daniel’s samples feel before revealing a distinct rhythm. He soars over the amounting mass of sporadic hits with glowing harmonies, playfully pondering the self and strangers in a sing-a-long style video that feels like the craziest three minutes of public access TV of all time. Sporadically melding stop-motion, colorful written lyrics, and images of Daniel in his home, frequent collaborator Stan Okumura and Adam Murphy provide the perfect counterpart to “Strangers.”

“Strangers” is out now on Pregnant’s latest full length, Pottery Mill, courtesy of Mush Records. Also, check out Daniel’s latest series, in which he will write and record a song for you for a measly $5. Hear some wildly entertaining dedications on his SoundCloud.

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