Video: Doom Squad – “Eternal Return”

Watch the abstract new video for a song from their forthcoming album.

To be honest, 8 minutes is a pretty long time for any song. However, when you have a video as amazing as the one for Doom Squad‘s new single, “Eternal Return,” let’s just say, time becomes less of a factor, as you find yourself lost between their spiritual forces and a wicked video that matches the vibe perfectly.

Directed by Steve Reaume—known for his live visual projections—the video was created using his own algorithm that visually interprets the song mathematically. This results in a unique formation of blurred, grainy lines, slowly moving in kaleidoscope vision, triggering swift, paralyzing light as they begin to form more detailed objects. The visual component allows you to follow the transitions in the song perfectly, making their dark, cosmic sounds all the more engaging. Watching this video too much will either lead to complete and utter neurosis or an unexpected seizure. Either way, it’ll definitely be worth it.

Doom Squad’s self-titled EP is available now via Artificial. This song will also appear on their forthcoming debut album, which drops this fall via Hand Drawn Dracula.

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