Glass Gang – “Time”

Listen to another masterful gem from the Brooklyn, NY trio.


When we introduced Brooklyn’s Glass Gang the other week, we were intrigued by their singular, distinctly 2013 approach to shoegaze, which hinted at a musical socialization rooted somewhere in-between My Bloody Valentine and early Cash Money Records.

“Time” represents their second of four free releases that the three-piece will be pushing out over the summer and it is drenched in the same hazy nostalgia as its predecessor “Waves.” Amped-up guitars and lush vocals buried comfortably in the mix are once again the main driving forces. But what sets the track apart is the juxtaposing element of the Glass Gang’s drum computer. A distorted drip-drop flicker bounces off the surface of a condensed kick-and-snare backdrop, which continues to build up until the song’s unpredicted closing gasp.

Download “Time” via Glass Gang’s SoundCloud page.

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