Little Cloud – “, tapeloop #3 ~autumn 2009″

This London musician crafts delicate ambient pop music, and her new tape loop project is a deep meditation on cyclicality and repetition.

Little Cloud

If you take a moment to think about it, recorded music has been presented in a circular form basically since it was invented. From records to spools of cassette tape, to reel-to-reels, to CDs, the act of listening to music has almost always been accompanied by something spinning in motion. It’s only in the past fifteen years or so that we’ve lost that visual stimuli in favor of waveforms and progress bars.

Thankfully London artist Little Cloud attempts to inject some recurrent movement into the experience of listening with her new tape loop project. Her loops of original songs sourced from reel-to-reel tape and bounced to cassette, create a lo-fi, melancholy sense of growth and decay.

Talking about decay and repetitive music immediately brings to mind some big names like William Basinski, Leyland Kirby, or (the criminally underrated) Tape Loop Orchestra. But Little Cloud’s light use of auto-tune while singing an R&B-flavored melody that layers itself over the echoing round on “, tapeloop #3 ~autumn 2009″ makes this a stunning marriage of experimentalism and pop accessibility.

Visit Little Cloud on SoundCloud, and keep an eye out for a mixtape coming out on Teaholics Records soon.

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