Perera Elsewhere – “Bizarre”

With a weary acoustic guitar and some poignant lyrics, this Berlin-based singer is crafting some gorgeous homespun bummer pop.


I had a thought earlier this week while listening to Slowdive that my favorite type of music—at least the kind of music I respect most—is music that sounds soft, but feels angry, like I might have wronged it in a past life. Even in film with something like Spring BreakersI always enjoy the marriage of pop aesthetics with sinister undertones.

Berlin-via-London singer Sasha Perera has been best known as the vocalist of electronic act Jahcoozi. But under her new solo moniker Perera Elsewhere she hits the nail on the head of that delicately angry mood with “Bizarre,” the first single from her Friends of Friends debut album Everlast. Hitting the nail on the head might be an understatement, it’s more like driving a pushpin through paper with a sledgehammer. Through a languid drawl she flashes fangs at the powers that be: “It’s been the same ten families run this show / Friends with the president or friends with the Pope.” The slightly off-tune guitar feels like it can barely muster the energy to get up off the floor, playing in beautiful contrast to the soaring harmonics that swirl skyward during the chorus.

The Bizarre EP will be released on September 10th with remixes from the likes of Hype Williams, Maria Minerva, Kyson, and Nautiluss. Her 12-track debut Everlast is out October 28th via Friends of Friends.