Video: The Soft – “Prana”

The expansive electronic trio from Suffolk showcase resplendent visuals with their new video for “Prana.”

The Soft - Prana video

Suffolk trio The Soft first emerged mid-development, with several demos—disparate in genre, all eager to please—cropping up online. Nothing thereafter stayed secret.

Each of their subsequent steps have been viewed in the public eye. Sometimes this is a curse for new bands: conscious of their new audience, their first steps proper will be clumsy and over-thought. With The Soft, they’ve blossomed. Like a newborn that doesn’t so much land feet on ground as sprint headfirst towards the sky, they’re progressed at a ridiculous rate.

Somehow this video for “Prana” feels like the beginning of a new chapter. The song itself is easily their most assured, heading up a new single on Ceremony. But visually, too, there’s a character that’s only been hinted at previously. Here, plasticine, android-like imagery takes center stage, with floaty, luminous shades doing the rest of the work. The members themselves aren’t shy in getting involved either. Their hypnotic, three-piece stature seeps in and out of the lens. To even consider that rational humans created this is quite the challenge. But seeing three figures leaning over their equipment helps ease the process.

The MP3 for “Prana” is out now via Ceremony.

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