Video: Julie Byrne – “Prism Song”

Watch the mesmerizing new video for the ‘Rooms With Walls and Windows’ standout.


Julie Byrne‘s new LP Rooms With Walls and Windows comes out on Orindal Records today, so to celebrate, here is the mesmerizing new video for “Prism Song.” Julie cut the footage from home videos of her dad’s childhood, which were originally filmed by her grandfather, Arthur Byrne on Super 8 and digitized for his birthday a decade ago. The woman that appears in the first couple of slides is Julie’s grandmother.

I don’t think the content of the video really has anything to do with or is reflective of what the song was written about, but when I was doing it, it felt really good. I just pored through all that footage, I really sat down with it. My grandmother, who I was named after, is in that video, and it felt so mystifying to possess this vision of her even though I never met her. There’s a section in the video that shows my dad hang-gliding, which was so cool—I’ve seen pictures of him doing it, but I’ve never seen him in action.

Everything felt mysterious. Through ending it, it was kind of coming to life. I think part of the reason it was so beautiful was because of the quality of the original film, but also the flaws in the digital conversion. One of my favorite things was slowing scenes down because it became vertically pixelated and just looked so cool.

The LP can be ordered via Orindal Records’ website.

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