Cousins – “Mess”

This Halifax-based garage outfit offers a fuzzed-out headbanger off their upcoming album, ‘The Halls Of Wickwire.’


Like a mechanized beast birthed from the bowels of a suburban junkyard, Cousins‘ “Mess” whirs to life with rusted teeth and antifreeze in its veins. The Halifax-based garage outfit yields a mangled hybrid guitar sound (clean coupled with tasteful fuzz, akin to the cavalier sounds of Japandroids) that quickly succumbs to a bluesy wail and grinding wall of distortion. And if you squint your ears enough, I swear you can hear the ghost of a young Walkmen frontman tackling a head-banging proclamation of internal struggle and motivation.

“Mess” is from Cousins’ upcoming release The Halls Of Wickwire, out May 13th via Hand Drawn Dracula.

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