Marie Davidson – “Perte d’identité”

Stream a dark new track from the Montreal-based songwriter.

Perte d'identité

Marie Davidson doesn’t spin songs as much as she summons worlds where dark shadows linger around every corner. Her latest venture, “Perte d’identité,” finds the Montreal native becoming perhaps even more sinister and abstract than where she left off on her self-titled EP last year.

On the bony back of a skeletal drum beat, Marie lays the track out in front of you like a vast, nebulous abyss before pushing you helplessly over the edge. As you fall downwards into the void, her breathy spoken words and pulsing synths nudge your limp body around in all directions before finally laying you down on a bed of warbling organ chords. Then with a final whisper, she gently closes your eyes.

Perte d’identité is out on April 4th via Weyrd Son Records.

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