Real Slow – “i love you”

Listen to a soothing love song from the Australian producer.


There’s always time in the day for a solid, no frills, love song. Fewer eras of music encapsulated this as well as R&B in the early 2000s, and as a product of the same decade I’ve watched musicians of my age revert to the same mentality, teenagers who grew up with it turning into young adults with hearts like emotional foie gras.

Australian beat auteur Real Slow understands this, and while naughts-throwbacks are bordering on nostalgia fetishism, their recent jam “i love you” chops a nonspecific singer over pacifying keys and clattering hi-hats to perfection. As far as love songs go, it’s about the most straightforward example of perfection you can get: it just feels like love.

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