Simpatico – “Gaea’s Cliff”

Stream an JRPG-referencing ambient track from the anonymous musician.


Lately I’ve been getting really into the ambient music of the JRPGs I played as a child. I’ve been making playlists of the music, scouring YouTube for obscure games and their even more obscure soundtracks. Snow and forest levels always have the best music—see “Ice Cavern” from Ocarina of Time or “Secret of the Forest” from Chrono Trigger.

“Gaea’s Cliff” has that same feel: a hollow, cold wind sustains the first minute or so before sparkling keys and arpeggiating synthesizers shift and oscillate, throwing an organic-sounding song into something more resembling space. The imagery—especially with the kitschy Playstation sounding synth—immediately reminded me of Final Fantasy 7, and a quick Google search reminded me that there was an actual location in FF7 called “Gaea’s Cliff.” It’s funny how memory works like that. Despite seeing release on LuckyMe’s end-of-the-year Advent Compilation, Simpatico doesn’t seem to have any other information or songs on the internet.

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