Artist Mix: Maxo

Curated by the Brooklyn-based producer.


Artist Mixes are an ongoing series of mixtapes curated by some of our favorite musicians.

This week, the Brooklyn-based producer Maxo mixes some of his newest material with new discoveries and old favorites.

via Maxo:

I didn’t give myself too much space to listen to music before and around my EP release, so these tracks are among the first new music I’ve had the pleasure of discovering and rediscovering! I’ve mixed them in with some recent Maxo, and new material I’ve worked on post-release.


[00:00] • Porter Robinson – “Fresh Static Snow” (Maxo Hammermix)
[03:03] • Kazumi Totaka – “Sunset Bay” (Wave Race 64)
[04:07] • Guy Akimoto – “A Perfect Moment With You”
[07:40] • Tony Thai – “Coast 4″
[10:06] • Maxo – “Savannah” (w. MINO MINO)
[13:08] • Maxo – “Reach You” (Mobile Flip)
[15:01] • Photay – “Agog”
[18:35] • Maxo – “Mediumrare” (popcorn_10 Remix)
[21:00] • Tomggg – “Butter Sugar Cream” (Maxo Beammix)
[23:36] • Fumie Kumatani – “The Supernatural” (Sonic Adventure 2)
[24:50] • Maxo ft. meesh – “Sunset BB”

Listen to Maxo’s latest EP, Chordslayer, here.

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