Artist Mix: Noah

Curated by the Aichi, Japan-based artist.


Artist Mixes are an ongoing series of mixtapes curated by some of our favorite musicians.

This week, the Aichi, Japan-based artist Noah shares some of her favorite songs and found sounds.


NASA – SLS Test Fire
Aftermidnight – “Near Alfred’s Tower”
Fredricson – “Seek”
johnny_ripper – “red wing”
Daisuke Tanabe – “Rest”
Lamb – “Trans Fatty Acid”
Free Babyronia – “Mandala of Cell”
Anne-James Chaton – “Évenément27″
johnny_ripper – “shtut (with ori)”
Nocow ft. Lapti – “No Vacancy”
Noah – “Flexion” (Vocals)
Fedaden – “Verdad Feat” (aus Remix)
GRANT – “Mad Diesel”
Balam Acab – “Just Stay”
Repeat Pattern – “Flip Book”
Otik – “Thugluv”
Esaoperations – “A Singing Comet”
Sebastian Vivian – Unknown Beat
Le Renard et l’Enfant (Luc Jacquet), 2007 – “Comptine patte á patte de Le renard et l’enfant”
Monte – “Second Stage, Remote Clairvoyant Continuum”
Noah – “L’Orage”
Begonia – Side A (Excerpt)
Cokiyu – “Drag the Beast” (Shigeto Remix)
Readymade FC – “Flexion” (Part 2)
Drew Gragg – “Can’t Forget”
Drew Gragg – “One In A Million” (Edit)
American Tale – “Somewhere Out There”
Emune – “Emulate”
Hetgeluidvanzeeland – “Zomerregen”
Abstraction – Sound Design – Record Fuzzies 7-12-14
Repeat Pattern – “Kira and Jen”
Ryo Murakami – “Contagion”
Minilogue – “Loud”
Herbert – “It’s Only A Reprise”
SELA. – “Sunset Pollution Sequence”
Noah – “Unspoken” (vocals)
Usher – “Climax” (Lindsay Lowend Remix)
VriesVeld – “VriesVeld Fieldrecording – Birds 2″
WONDER K . uniq – “VSE13″
The Sunken Hum Broadcast 279 – “Ferry to France – 6 October
Vicki Powys – “Superb Lyrebird”
Fooste Revolving – “Urban Wolves Singing The Evening In, At Dublin Zoo. 25 Feb 2013″

Noah’s debut album, Sivutie, will be available on June 22nd via Flau Records.

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