Residency: Fog Lake – Week 2

Read the St. John’s, Newfoundland-based artist’s second and final entry.


Residency is a two-part journal entry brought to you by one of our favorite artists.

This week, the St. John’s, Newfoundland-based artist Fog Lake gives us a tour of Victoria Park, his new album’s namesake.


Welcome to Victoria Park. My apartment is about a three-minute walk from this place. I have to say, the place is quite empty most of the time. I had been planning to call my new record Victoria Park ever since Virgo Indigo came out. The last two years of my life have been spent as its neighbor so I couldn’t think of a better way to represent the narrative of these last two years in a title.


I like to come here late at night, usually when I can’t sleep, which is quite often. It’s probably not the safest spot to be at night, as the surrounding neighborhood isn’t particularly the most family friendly. But I find the place to be vacant most of the time and it can be quite meditative to walk around in.


A lot of the shots for the “Andy” music video were shot here. I did the video entirely by myself. I like to test my “DIY limits” when it comes to making videos similar to how I make my music, which is completely by myself.


A pretty wide view of the playground area. I had an old photograph much like this which was the cover for the album for a little while, back when it was 50% complete. I ended up replacing it for a picture I took in a museum on the west side of Newfoundland while I was in college. The museum was converted from an old school that was over 100 years old I believe. Inside there were these unsettling mannequins of students and teachers. It was really small, and the school was right next to a huge cliff. They had this wall of old photographs from many, many years ago. It was interesting to see these people eternalized in such a way. None of their names were written. The pictures all seemed so vague with little information about what was taking place. My friend pointed out the cover kinda resembles Exile on Main St. and he’s quite right about that.


This is my buddy Nick Hopkins and a ballgame going on in the background. I find the baseball field is one of the few things Victoria Park gets used for still, which is rather unfortunate because I find it to be a beautiful spot. Apparently the city of St. John’s is trying to revamp the whole place this summer, so I’m interested in what they’re planning there. Nick has a project called The Glowing Goldstones which I’ve posted on my Facebook page a few times. I think our music compliments each other well. He told me that if you put your ear to the ground where we’re standing, you can hear water running underneath, as there was a waterfall that got covered up there years ago.


On the outskirts of Victoria Park Nick also pointed out to me that there’s an old basement of a torn down house. A lot of people used to go there to get fucked up back in the day. It’s been covered up since then but I managed to get a glimpse of the inside thanks to my camera’s flash.


This is Victoria Park at night. A place of quiet solitude, with the occasional homeless guy sleeping on a bench or something.

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