Artist Mix: Kelly Lee Owens

Curated by the London-based artist.


London artist Kelly Lee Owens shares some of her favorite tracks.


[00:00] • Fuxa – “Our Lips Are Sealed”
[05:40] • Aphex Twin – “Alberto Balsam”
[09:11] • Kelly Lee Owens – “Arthur”
[12:23] • Chris & Cosey – “Driving Blind”
[16:44] • Charlie – “Spacer Woman”
[19:25] • Daphni – “Cos Ber Zam”
[23:52] • Robert Owens – “I’ll Be Your Friend”
[27:18] • Kelly Lee Owens – “Lucid” (Rework)

Listen to Kelly Lee Owens’ latest single, “Uncertain,” here.

  • Danny

    Yeh, because you guys would be soooooo different if you were trying to make a name for yourself…you wouldn’t promote your own music at all…!

    • Tim

      Yeah, God forbid somebody enjoy their own music!

      Anyway, her new album is fantastic.