Residency: Circuit des Yeux – Week 2

Read the Indiana-based artist’s second and final entry.


Residency is a two-part journal entry brought to you by one of our favorite artists.

This week, Indiana artist Circuit des Yeux describes another dream she recently had.

Dream Sequence; July 3rd, 2015
Ka & Camilla’s Loft in Greenpoint; New York, NY

I have an hour and a half until lift off. It is 12 others and I. We are all in competition with each other, but I have never been too competitive in nature. In one day and 10 hours an alien life force superior to the human race will choose one person to be the representative of Earth. The selection process is simple. The person of highest elevation will be the chosen one.

In an hour and a half a plane will depart from London (where I am), and fly to the highest point on Earth. It is a mountain somewhere in central Europe. I decide to use the bathroom before boarding the plane. Upon my return, I see that the plane has left! I have been left behind. A young woman with brown hair approaches me. She has also missed the plane, but instead of giving up, she lets me in on her plan to sneak onto the next flight. She has crystal green eyes, freckles, and is determined to win.

All of us are equipped with special gliding and jumping powers. Because of this, we have been deemed most likely to be chosen. I embody these super-human abilities, but lack practice. The young woman and I stealthily jump and hide under the wing of the next plane. We climb into the cargo area. Her jumping capabilities are much more advanced than mine, and I admire her ambition.

As the plane lands, the brown haired woman takes off in a flash. Her quick movements blur her body, and I see only a dust trail. I decide to try gliding to see where she goes.

The mountain is filled with trees, but from an aerial view they look like tufts of broccoli. All I see is green, green, green. I find the brown haired woman on top of a highway sign. She is unscrewing, unbolting, and rebuilding this rectangle exit sign into a high tower. I do a cherry bomb kick off the wall of a building and land on top of the sign with her. I want to say hello and brag about the impressive jump I just executed.

Suddenly a ship appears from the clouds. It drops a green glowing stick and hovers. The stick is two colors. One half is dark green, and the other half is glowing neon green.

It bounces around the mountain and makes a beeline straight to me. It lands in my mouth. I try to pull it out, but its magnetic pull is strong. The woman next to me screams at the realization that I have been chosen instead of she. She is angry, and upset. I just want to be her friend. I pull harder on the baton. Half of the baton, the dark green half, has snapped off. I pull harder on the neon green bit and with the last ounce of my strength, I am able to pull it out of my mouth. It immediately cracks together, and plunges into the dark-haired woman’s mouth.

She is elated, excited, and surprised. A beam of light from the alien mother ship grabs ahold of the dark-haired lady, and pulls her quickly towards the ship. The dark-haired lady is screaming from pain and fear. Her crystal green eyes go dark. She screams as loud as she can, “I don’t want to be the chosen one.”

Then suddenly I wake up.

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