Residency: ANAMAI – Week 1

Read the Toronto-based artist’s first entry.


Residency is a two-part journal entry brought to you by one of our favorite artists.

This week, the Toronto-based artist ANAMAI shares the research and stray thoughts she’s collected while writing her new album.

Lamentation, Game or Herd / Climbing High Risen

-Anna Mayberry

I have been writing a new record. In my meandering research, I’ve come across a few neat things that I hadn’t thought about before. My process is increasingly web-like, following threads that might connect or might not stick to each other. I have to be reading to write. It’s strange to share these hanging thoughts.

I am the captain on a small boat that ferries people from downtown to the Island.

This morning, as my boat approached the inlet, I saw the water strewn in white feathers, floating in the aftermath of a swan fight. The aggression had dissipated, and all that remained was passive and beautiful and stupidly poetic.

Arcs on the surface.

Tangled Swans

I’ve discovered a fictional mountain, unlike the flatland I pretended to escape to as a child. Were there mountains in the distance back then? I remember feeling frustrated with my own nearsightedness. That sky hung far above an endless lawn, and in between there was only my stunted imagination.

I have a feeling that each song I’m recording will exist in and around this newfound mountain.

Climbing words

The more I perform, the more I question my choices in doing so. Performing for me is a practice of harnessing power in front of people. I don’t always think I can control where that power comes from, but it is something to work on.

Sunn O))) and Malefic in Berlin

Here is the best thing I have read in a long time, by Anne Boyer.

What resembles the grave but isn’t

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