Longings – “Tarnished”

The Western Massachusetts post-punk trio’s new single feels like holding a lit match in your fingers.


Western Massachusetts post-punk trio Longings just released their self-titled debut album a few days ago, and the ringing in my ears has yet to subside. The band has a caustic spin on the genre the skirts closer to the punk line than the post. And for a genre that’s known for its gloom, Longings manage to make things feel even darker than usual. Like they’ve been rubbing elbows with death rock and still have its smell on their clothes.

Lead single “Tarnished” is a pretty fantastic jumping off point if you’re new to the band. It’s acidic and dirty, but it’s also melodic and driving. There’s an air of exhilaration surrounding the music akin to holding a lit match between your fingers. The orange flicker is mesmerizing but the closer it gets to your skin, the more you feel the burn. You just gotta know when to blow out the flame.

Longings is out now via Framework Label.

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