Nudes - Nudes

Tom Walters reflects on the UK-based band’s self-titled debut album.


Nudes‘ self-titled debut album is a one way ticket to discovery. The three piece—made up of members of prominent UK DIY bands Playlounge and Saturday’s Kids—have crafted a no frills, no bullshit album of straight-up indie rock bangers. Yes, this record is capable of soundtracking your shortened autumn evenings and your Indian Summer salad days, but for any younger kids who happen to stumble upon it in the future—and here’s hoping they will—it’s a solid tribute to bands gone by.

Take opener “Our Headache Years” for example—a blistering, bleary-eyed tune that immediately shows that Nudes just get it. They’ve grown up on a diet of the ’90s indie rock outfits we’re all familiar with, but they’re channeling it with a modern melancholy that’s going to be oh so cathartic for those who are growing up in an age where music discovery is radically different.

Sure, “Constant Summer” sticks to the same formula that revivalists such as Whirr and Pity Sex have laid their hands to previously. Nudes are broader than that though. “Clarity” sounds like it could be off the Jimmy Eat World album of the same name, except it’s as fuzzed-out as one of your parents’ dusty attic tapes. “Promise you won’t move too close” is a mostly instrumental moment of solitude that’ll point people in the direction of American Football—a stop post in an album of hazy pedal-to-the-metal punk anthems.

All in all, Nudes have crafted something that might be straightforward, but it’s genuine and sincere. It’s the sound of three people passing on a baton to a generation that may never find the similar acts we hold tight to our chests today, raising one last drink to a summer that’s been both charming and challenging. Stick this on your car stereo next time you go for a ride—you’ll find your worries falling out the open car window as if they were never there.

Nudes is out now via Dog Knights Productions.

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