Residency: Long Beard – Week 2

Read the New Brunswick-based artist’s second and final entry.


Residency is a two-part journal entry brought to you by one of our favorite artists.

This week, Leslie Bear of the New Brunswick, NJ-based project Long Beard contemplates the loop.

Everyone said it was hard to make a perfect loop, and they were right. I don’t think I’ve ever made a perfect loop; each one is either a bit too long or a bit too short. The key is not to worry about getting it just right, but to make up for the difference.

I started playing around with a friend’s loop pedal seven years ago, and it felt like magic. Playing music gets lonely sometimes, but with the pedal, I felt like I had a friend playing alongside me. Once I hear the loop played back, I forget that I had made it. It exists on its own, and accompanies me while I play something else.

I’ll admit having loops as a significant part of your music can seem gimmicky. Tinkering with a metal box does feel kind of weird, but the same could be said with any instrument besides the human voice. That metal box can be one of the most reliable full-bands when you’re making tunes by yourself.

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