all boy/all girl – “Andrea Amati”

Hear the Brooklyn project’s latest single.

allboy_allgirl_andrea amati

Seven-piece Brooklyn band all boy/all girl¬†released their latest single with our friends at Grind Select late last month. It’s an epic six-minute symphonic pop piece driving toward a certain transcendence. The track was released with an interactive website companion that fully envelope you as you move through a renaissance scene with flickering candles that slowly uncovers a beautiful landscape.

This is what site creator Kyle Stetz had to say about it:

The site aims to capture the emotional tone of the song by placing listeners in the world of Andrea Amati, the renaissance-era inventor of the violin. It provides a small window into an enormous canvas composed of paintings that blend in disorienting ways. The relatively slow speed of navigation demands some patience but rewards users as they stumble upon striking and intense moments of humanity.

Explore the site here.

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