Suzie – “I Must Be Dreamin”

Cure your post-Halloween blues with a poppy standout from Chill Mega Chill’s annual comp.

chill mega

Halloween was great, but now it’s two weeks in the rearview and we have only boring holidays to look forward to. What. A. Drag. Luckily the handsome ghouls at Chill Mega Chill and Forged Artifacts Records left us with one last treat: The Chiller IV: Night of the Living Chill, a Halloween-themed comp that dropped on Hallow’s Eve itself. The mix—the 4th in an annual series—is approximately two billion tracks long, and comes packaged in an oversized double cassette pack that must be seen to be believed. Mine came in the mail with horror movie icon trading cards and real honest to god candy corn.

There are tons of great tracks on the Chiller, but “I Must Be Dreamin” by Minneapolis’s own Suzie is is a notable standout. Occupying the same San Fernando Valley sun-bleached afternoon chic as Ariel Pink and the poppier end of Deerhunter, “I Must Be Dreamin” sounds like some lost-and-found nugget from a mixtape your friend gave you in high school, the kind of just-out-of-reach tune that you hear once and it drives you crazy trying to trace it back to an actual artist or album. The chorus bleeds out into an instrumental jam featuring a liberal smear of saxophone that will melt your heart and make everything feel alright.

Tracks like this and the rest of The Chiller help make everyday feel like Halloween, and not even stupid Thanksgiving can take that away from us.

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