Terekke – “Arpen (sc edit)”

Stream a blissful ambient dance number from the Brooklyn producer’s SoundCloud.


Terekke is the alias of one Matt Gardner, a producer from Brooklyn affiliated with the label L.I.E.S. A handful of official EPs and singles can be found, but with some sleuthing you can find some even more beautiful gems on his SoundCloud, which contains vaguely named edits and demos that shine.

Uploaded last week, “Arpen (sc edit)” is a lush, billowing track that unfolds softly over its two-and-a-half minute run time. A looping, roundabout arpeggiated synth dances around a bubbling sub-bass. A distant amen break and some conga drums spill sunshine into the pile before the filter cuts out and you’re gifted with just under a minute of cohesive bliss before it fades like evaporating vapor. It’s far too brief, but throw it on a loop for an hour or so. It keeps growing.

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