Whatever Brains – “Surveillance Bucks Gone Bad”

Stream a strange new track from the Raleigh band.


Well, shucks, it seems that the upcoming Whatever Brains album will also be the band’s last (if their Facebook page is to be believed, that is). And after a string of either untitled or all self-titled albums, ___ LP will cap off the output of one of contemporary punk’s most original and unclassifiable bands.

“Surveillance Bucks Gone Bad” is the second track to surface from ___ LP and it gives Whatever Brains fans exactly what they’ve come to expect from the Raleigh band: weirdness. The six-minute track finds them continuing to tinker with the electronics that they first started employing on last year’s double EP SSR-63/64. and features from Elise Anderson of fellow Sorry State punk band Brain F≠. And for a song that is all about “giving your government money for preventative monitoring,” the track is pretty fun once it finds its groove.

Shout out to whoever at the NSA is currently reading this.

___ LP is out later this fall via Sorry State Records.

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