Tempest – “Shroud”

The Vancouver act’s latest single is an exercise in controlled chaos.


Cecil Frena, a.k.a. Born Gold, just tipped me off to some friends/ fellow Canadians of his that are making music out of Vancouver. He called them “Sweet guys.” Keep that in mind as you press play.

Tearing into some of the most unforgiving hardcore I’ve heard this year, Tempest‘s self-titled album is an exercise in controlled chaos—dangerous pressure that’s been harnessed and alleviated in monitored bursts. Album standout “Shroud” is a prime example of this catch and release. The vocals are violent and snarled at you with a seething, righteous anger while the instrumentation rages in an almost majestic way. And if you’re enjoying that buzz that rattles your teeth, just wait until you hear the rest of the album.

Tempest’s self-titled album is out now and available for free.

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