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Late Ride



I recently learned about Singles Club by the UK-based label Activia Benz, an ongoing playlist shedding light on SoundCloud artists around the world. One of the most recent uploads is a fun tune from Late Ride, a duo who were previously featured on the first Secret Songs compilation. Until now they’ve only shared new tracks occasionally. But immediately, “Swear” is just as refreshing, and the only necessary descriptors you need before listening might be the two bullet points on their profile:

  • free personalized monophonic ringtones
  • w/e

Et Aliae

"White Light" (Johnathon Pablo & Chindamo Remix)


Earlier this month, I got to hear a very early version of this “White Light” remix by Johnathon Pablo & Chindamo and the original ambient rendition was essentially abandoned on this entirely new uplifting remix. The original song by London’s Et Aliae was what truly sold me on the producer, and I’m sure it’s been just as inspirational to other people out there on the cloud. I love the idea of remixes being passed around so that they end up as more of a collaboration. This remix proves the remix can be more rewarding than the original.

Monthly Mix

August 2014


Monthly Mixes highlight our favorite tracks of the month in one place.


[00:00] • Kero Kero Bonito – “Sick Beat”
[02:50] • SOPHIE - “Lemonade”
[04:48] • LovelySummer – “あなたは煙草 私はシャボン” (Tomggg Remix)
[09:00] • Bewilderbeast – “Together/ Apart”
[12:44] • Abhi//Dijon – “Honest”
[15:36] • jj – “dean & me”
[19:04] • Sea Oleena – “If I’m”
[24:06] • Julia Brown – “All alone in bed”
[26:02] • Yohuna – “Para True”
[29:44] • Pharmakon – “Body Betrays Itself”

Artist Mix



Artist Mixes are an ongoing series of mixtapes curated by some of our favorite musicians.

This month, the Seattle-based duo USF—f.k.a. Universal Studios Florida—share some early ’80s cuts paired with BrrdNo Fixed Abode (LHF), and Friendzone.

Jason Baxter’s half:

[00:00] • Leston Paul – “Mr. DJ (Club Mix)”
[02:58] • Shadowfax – “The Orangutan Gang (Strikes Back) (USF edit)”
[05:48] • Joy Salinas – “Rockin’ Romance (Bump Bump Mix)”
[10:14] • Orlando Johnson – “I Got It”
[14:00] • Tri Atma – “Aerolite (excerpt)”
[19:08] • Miki & George Aaron – “New Sensations (Instrumental Version)”
[21:56] • Alfonzo Blackwell – “Free & Easy (USF slo-mo edit)”

Kyle Hargus’ half:

[24:34] • K. Leimer – “Testimony and Honor”
[28:18] • The Blue Nile – “Heatwave”
[33:56] • Luke Wyatt – “The Music You Hear at Seaworld and Never Forget”
[36:06] • Cereal Prize Mystery Loop bootleg #1
[37:30] • Brrd – “Wake Up and I’m 45″
[40:28] • No Fixed Abode (LHF) – “Sunset (Mumbai Slum Edition)”
[47:34] • Cereal Prize Mystery Loop bootleg #2
[49:10] • Shankar – “Song For Everyone (USF slo-mo edit)”


"あなたは煙草 私はシャボン" (Tomggg Remix)


I’ve been consistently anticipating every Fogpak release since first listening to the sixth compilation early last year. Now on the tenth release, I’m happy to see the full track to Tomggg‘s remix of LovelySummer‘s “あなたは煙草 私はシャボン.” The Japanese producer teased the remix with a snippet months ago, and the vibrant intensity of Tomggg’s sequencing only furthered the anticipation that was already there. There’s a reason that I find Tomggg to be one of the most dynamic producers out there, who is as worth paying attention to as A. G. Cook in the UK. Everything about his mixing capabilities backs up that very notion.


"Para True"


Back when I started putting together songs for my first tape compilation for Odd Castles, I distinctly remember an email exchange with Eau Claire native Yohuna about including a contribution from her project to the mixtape. That’s when I first heard “Para True” in its original demo form, without Emily Reo‘s production at the time—and even then I was very close to including it on the mixtape instead of “Local Line 45.” Except, I had a feeling the demo would one day bloom into a much more magnified rendition behind the warmth of Yohuna’s vocal arrangements. There were moments on the demo that would leave you with a half empty feeling, despite all the heart-warming wonder and soothing bareness.

Listening to the final version with the additional production from Emily Reo, I couldn’t be happier to have let this song go. Once more, Yohuna has induced an eternal longing for a follow-up to her 2010 Revery EP. All I can say is, have faith, because all the demos I’ve been blessed enough to hear up to this point have led me to believe Yohuna is a project housing troves of infinite sincerity.

Spooky Black



Young musician Spooky Black brings what might possibly be some of the more original sounding vocals to ever come out of a bedroom project with each and every song uploaded. “Reason” is no exception, and if you’re not at least technically impressed with the mixing that goes into each of Spooky Black’s uploads, I think you might be looking for reasons not to buy into the hype that’s been steadily growing for some time now. Listening to this new song also gives us an indication of the quickly maturing production behind the project. I imagine this will likely be the direction of Spooky Black’s first proper release, and there are certainly no complaints on my end.

Ricky Eat Acid

"this goes out to..."


I’ve had nearly two weeks to let Ricky Eat Acid‘s self-described “fun nightmare EP soak in among my growing obsession with a revitalized juke movement. The aftermath of a DJ Rashad era has invited waves of inspiration and has become the most thrilling genre to expand among SoundCloud feeds everywhere. Leave it to Sam Ray to prolifically find new ways to keep his multi-faceted project ahead of the curve in mixing.

Yet after digesting the brilliant intensity of Sun Over Hills and mulling over the title track especially, the EP’s softer side in “this goes out to…” shines just as brightly when going back for another listen. Really, there’s no telling which direction REA will go from here, but of course that’s where true admiration for the project lies. A subtle pitch-shifted Kreayshawn flip against the more IDM-like production sounds like a pattern that could continue to be explored.

Mister Lies

"Flood You"


Earlier yesterday morning, New York via Chicago producer Mister Lies unexpectedly unveiled two new standalone songs. It might not seem like a long time, but it’s been a over a year since Nick Zanca has released any new music, and that’s a lot longer when you consider the scope of music releases that accrue over a full year.

The new songs definitely fall in line with everything Zanca has released up to this point, but the singles are both enveloped under an entirely new vision. “Flood You” captures the producer’s growth since his last release as the track cycles through acoustic riff arrangements over obverse vocal samples and leads into the sullenly Thom Yorke-reminiscent “Medusa,” which uniquely features original vocals from Zanca himself.

Stream both tracks via Zanca’s Bandcamp.