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Spooky Black



Young musician Spooky Black brings what might possibly be some of the more original sounding vocals to ever come out of a bedroom project with each and every song uploaded. “Reason” is no exception, and if you’re not at least technically impressed with the mixing that goes into each of Spooky Black’s uploads, I think you might be looking for reasons not to buy into the hype that’s been steadily growing for some time now. Listening to this new song also gives us an indication of the quickly maturing production behind the project. I imagine this will likely be the direction of Spooky Black’s first proper release, and there are certainly no complaints on my end.

Ricky Eat Acid

"this goes out to..."


I’ve had nearly two weeks to let Ricky Eat Acid‘s self-described “fun nightmare EP soak in among my growing obsession with a revitalized juke movement. The aftermath of a DJ Rashad era has invited waves of inspiration and has become the most thrilling genre to expand among SoundCloud feeds everywhere. Leave it to Sam Ray to prolifically find new ways to keep his multi-faceted project ahead of the curve in mixing.

Yet after digesting the brilliant intensity of Sun Over Hills and mulling over the title track especially, the EP’s softer side in “this goes out to…” shines just as brightly when going back for another listen. Really, there’s no telling which direction REA will go from here, but of course that’s where true admiration for the project lies. A subtle pitch-shifted Kreayshawn flip against the more IDM-like production sounds like a pattern that could continue to be explored.

Mister Lies

"Flood You"


Earlier yesterday morning, New York via Chicago producer Mister Lies unexpectedly unveiled two new standalone songs. It might not seem like a long time, but it’s been a over a year since Nick Zanca has released any new music, and that’s a lot longer when you consider the scope of music releases that accrue over a full year.

The new songs definitely fall in line with everything Zanca has released up to this point, but the singles are both enveloped under an entirely new vision. “Flood You” captures the producer’s growth since his last release as the track cycles through acoustic riff arrangements over obverse vocal samples and leads into the sullenly Thom Yorke-reminiscent “Medusa,” which uniquely features original vocals from Zanca himself.

Stream both tracks via Zanca’s Bandcamp.


"Lost Love"

lost love

I’m always wondering how some tracks would sound if they existed outside of their sample-based song structures, because sometimes recognizing a sample takes you out of any sort of immersion with the song or release. LA producer Imprintafter is keenly aware of the importance of timing and mixing.

The title track to Imprintafter’s Lost Love EP is upbeat compared to the first single released last month, titled “This Time.” The melodies are stronger, but they aren’t entirely maintained throughout the song, and the short release is better complemented in the context of this trio of songs. Stream the three-track EP via Shoeboxx Recordings.

Dom Sebastian ft. Lyja



I like to think sharing music isn’t only about sharing the most current releases, but also sharing the lost songs that never really got the limelight they might have deserved. “Drift” by Dom Sebastian and Lyja came to my attention from a recent Et Aliae mix, and ever since, I can’t comprehend how this doesn’t get more attention. After one listen, it’s clear this collaboration deserves to be taken further, but until then we’ll only have this cut and that’s definitely more than okay.

Bones ft. Spooky Back



This song was unexpected in many ways, but still mostly feels right in its place on 19-year-old producer Bones‘ latest release. Spooky Black is another young talent that is emerging from the SoundCloud era beat movement, and his vocals prove more complimentary when paired with Bones’ dose of both singing and rapping. This also isn’t the first time Germany-based Kid HNRK has produced for Bones. The whole team goes by Team SESH and it’s beginning to feel like the tightest crew of forward-thinking hip-hop producers right now.

Listen to the full mixtape titled Garbage via SoundCloud.

Tv Nicks

"Black Sun"


Tv Nicks has been one of my most recent favorite internet personalities to keep up with aside from just following his SoundCloud profile. He’s often tweeting about his dog and dogs in general and as it turns out, his latest beat tape was appropriately titled Lost Dog. Tv Nicks described the album as a collection of “demos dedicated to the end of the world” and a series of incomplete tracks that add up to an overall representation of where he is in life at the moment.

The entire first half of the 27-track collection is more low key than the rest of the album, but it’s only the beginning. There’s a song featuring Kid HNRK that follows suit with the rest of the album’s theme of solitude, and just about every song after builds from the previous cut. On the last dozen or so tracks, the whole release feels like it’s built from scattered pieces of old EPs and albums. “Black Sun” is the perfect middle point for all of the diverse sounds emitted from the release. It’s a seven-minute cut that might be better experienced on a drive or a speaker system that emphasizes the lower frequencies. Listen below and stream the full release on Bandcamp.


"Every Little Word" (Abhi//Dijon Remix)


It’s not very often that a remix comes coupled with some new original vocals, but that’s just how Abhi//Dijon love to put their spin on mixes. Their touch is evident with the intro to the track alone. In fact, the original song by MNEK has an altogether different vibe.

The remix is especially interesting because a few months ago, I talked to Dijon Duenas and Abhi Raju about defining their personal imprint, and much of that has already been underway with every song released up to this point. As it turns out though, this goes beyond just the production elements of the duo, because you can find that same imprint reiterated with the bridge around the two-minute mark of this mix.


"Rap Hands"


“Morgan Stop” was described to me as a rap hands song, and twenty seconds into the track I immediately connect with that very descriptor. Kitty is the former FL-based artist who was once known as Kitty Pryde and garnered the attention of many with her 2012 hit “Okay Cupid.” You might say she fell off our radar since then, but some of us have still kept a close eye on Kitty, and her most recent EP features some of our favorite material to date. Tucked in the middle of the kaomoji-styled release are two songs that highlight her craft for mixed vocal arrangements including “BrB” and the song embedded below. Listen in full via her Bandcamp.