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Sound of Ceres - Week 2


Residency is a two-part journal entry brought to you by one of our favorite creatives.

This week, the Fort Collins, CO-based outfit Sound of Ceres share some words from their video collaborator and give us an inside look at their forthcoming album.

Sound of Ceres – “Bryn Marina”

David Harris writes:

For over a year, my DSLR has been clicking away on fishtanks full of grow-in-water toys, in hopes that the clips of primordial creatures squirming into some kind of life would come together as a music video. Nine months into the slow, slow process of 3-day to 1-week long shots, I emailed footage to Karen Hover and Ryan Hover of the band Candy Claws. I had fallen in love with their album Ceres and Calypso in the Deep Time in summer of 2014 and they were my dream collaborators for the project.

Lucky for me, Karen and Ryan were open and generous about letting me in on their new project, Sound of Ceres, and we started working together—me, finding creatures and crafting shots that complimented their nature-by-way-of-synthesizer dream-pop, and them—honing the song and adding incredible musical collaborators to the project: The Apples in Stereo and The Drums.

An inside look at our forthcoming album Nostalgia for Infinity:

Science shows us that the universe is immense beyond comprehension, and that all of human history is just a blink on a tiny dot. Yet the human experience puts each of us at the center of our own universe, looking out from a mind through our senses and living through long hours, days, and years, learning, feeling, creating. Perhaps the biggest aim of this album is to explore that dichotomy between what we know of the universe and what we actually experience. Which is more real?

There can be no collective human experience, for who is there to experience it? C.S. Lewis wrote about this somewhere in one of his books. The only kind of human experience that counts is the one that can actually be experienced by a human, namely his own individual experience. There are, of course, many things we do collectively, even globally, but experience itself happens at the level of the individual. So, to further refine the album’s theme, it’s not about humanity’s place in the universe, but the human experience in a universe that has become aware of itself through our consciousness.

Where does experience of the world actually happen? When I see something passing by, does the experience happen out there on my right? In my eyes? In my mind? Or all three?

Some characters and phrases that we’ll encounter in the lyrics throughout the album:

-Marina / shoreline: we live on the surface of our planet, our shore to the sea of open space

-Standing wave: each of us is our own standing wave, a form that persists while smaller cycles and particles pass and comprise part of that shape for only a short time

-Snowline / treeline: limits in nature beyond which certain things simply cannot occur. Our inability to fully comprehend the universe is our own version of this kind of line

Read Sound of Ceres’ first entry here.

Artist Mix



Artist Mixes are an ongoing series of mixtapes curated by some of our favorite musicians.

This week, the Brooklyn-based producer Maxo mixes some of his newest material with new discoveries and old favorites.

via Maxo:

I didn’t give myself too much space to listen to music before and around my EP release, so these tracks are among the first new music I’ve had the pleasure of discovering and rediscovering! I’ve mixed them in with some recent Maxo, and new material I’ve worked on post-release.


[00:00] • Porter Robinson – “Fresh Static Snow” (Maxo Hammermix)
[03:03] • Kazumi Totaka – “Sunset Bay” (Wave Race 64)
[04:07] • Guy Akimoto – “A Perfect Moment With You”
[07:40] • Tony Thai – “Coast 4″
[10:06] • Maxo – “Savannah” (w. MINO MINO)
[13:08] • Maxo – “Reach You” (Mobile Flip)
[15:01] • Photay – “Agog”
[18:35] • Maxo – “Mediumrare” (popcorn_10 Remix)
[21:00] • Tomggg – “Butter Sugar Cream” (Maxo Beammix)
[23:36] • Fumie Kumatani – “The Supernatural” (Sonic Adventure 2)
[24:50] • Maxo ft. meesh – “Sunset BB”

Listen to Maxo’s latest EP, Chordslayer, here.


Sound of Ceres — Week 1


Residency is a two-part journal entry brought to you by one of our favorite creatives.

This week, the Fort Collins, CO-based outfit Sound of Ceres share their thoughts about the role of art and some of their ridiculously scenic photographs.

“Art never expresses anything but itself…” Oscar Wilde imagined art as a subject that can stand on its own. Without a human’s emotional attachments and self being poured into lyrics and chords, we agree with Wilde that the art (music) we create is its own experience and not a projection of our own feelings. Rather than express our thoughts and emotions about humans, nature, and life, our music details the world around us through synopsis much like a photograph expresses landscapes visually.

Ryan and I (Karen) met through a love for nature and the outdoors. While our musical companionship took flight quite quickly, our adventuresome personalities instantly hit it off. Our now six-year friendship started with nearby hikes and camping trips, and a few years later turned into worldwide traveling. Both the music of Candy Claws and Sound of Ceres envelop and exploit our love for exploring our natural world. Our music is often inspired by our long walks through the forest, strenuous hikes up mountain peaks, and long train rides through the European countryside. All of these experiences create ideas for new songs that eventually turn into 60-minute stories told through song.

Enjoy our songs through camera lenses:




Sound of Ceres will return next Thursday for their second and final entry.

Artist Mix



Artist Mixes are an ongoing series of mixtapes curated by some of our favorite musicians.

This week, the Montréal-based producer johnny_ripper shares his latest musical obsessions interspersed with sounds from his favorite directors.

via johnny_ripper:

celluloid dream // hallucination broadcast // broken transmission // abandoned vinyl

musical obsessions + songs by close friends, in a cinematic tapestry of lo-fi textures, and transitions by radio, vinyl, tv, tape, projector sounds… intertwined with film samples/soundtracks/vocal recordings of the following directors—Ingmar Bergman, Jean Cocteau, Leos Carax, Federico Fellini, Claude Jutra, Jean Pierre Melville, Wim Wenders, Maya Deren, Chris Marker, Ben Hopkins, Krzysztof Kieslowski, Agnes Varda, Luis Bunuel, Louis Malle, and Marcel Carné


[00:00] • Projector ON
[00:32] • A Decent Man – “A Little Snow”
[02:05] • Ori – “Sof.” (Exclusive)
[08:32] • Odd Nosdam – “Untitled One”
[12:02] • ONA – “<>”
[15:32] • Year of Glad – “Lifetrap”
[20:20] • Nino Rota – “Tema Della Strada”
[22:12] • White Noise – “Your Hidden Dreams”
[26:42] • François de Roubaix – “Le Samouraï”
[28:00] • Arandel – “Section 8″
[32:26] • Boards of Canada – Unknown Live Song
[35:04] • Pawn – “Sleepy Films In Your Head”
[38:20] • Swans – “Red Velvet Corridor”
[41:18] • Andy Stott – “Sleepless”
[46:40] • Colin Stetson – “Home”
[49:58] • Corinne Marchand – “Sans Toi”
[52:28] • Shlohmo – “Same Time”
[58:15] • alphabets – “Wish I Didn’t Miss U”
[1:02:45] • Colleen – “The Happy Sea”
[1:05:32] • Black to Comm – “Hotel Freund”

Listen to johnny_ripper’s previously released album, epilogue, here.