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Kyle Bobby Dunn

"Duck Faced Fantasy"


If you’ve ever wanted to live forever in the white noise of a tuning orchestra, look no further than drone connoisseur Kyle Bobby Dunn. “Duck Faced Fantasy” is a warm spot in the oft-melancholy excursions of the elegant minimalist. The work builds in gradual delight, brimming with pristine, youthful glory.

Kyle Bobby Dunn and the Infinite Sadness will be released on vinyl and CD on March 1st via Students of Decay.


"Unpaid Internship"


In contrast to the soothing harmonies of his sparkling guitar, the overall sentiment of ONWEs debut, “Unpaid Internship” is markedly negative. Set to the backdrop of a smooth indie rock chiller, the Brooklyn slacker outfit laments upon a slew of adolescent problems, namely “I can’t believe I work an unpaid internship.” The foul smell of privilege wafts in and out of brilliant hooks and pop nuggets, and it’s a fair guess whether the song is a work of brutal honesty or scathing satire.

Either way, be sure to re-blog them on Tumblr.

Nice Luck Two

"Nice Luck Two"


On a self-titled track, Nice Luck Two emerges from the catacombs of a crumbling earth towards a serene desert sky.

In the first minute, the artist calmly pushes off from the shore into an exotic unknown. Immediately, I’m taken by the attention to texture, completely obsessed by the natural, crunchy sound of what feels like a rolling river of rock, each slab breaking into smaller pieces with every passing movement. While the narrative qualities of Nice Luck Two’s work remind me of soundscape artists of yesteryear, the selected sounds feel timeless.

A full release, *, is available for download via Ann Arbor collective GRL MTN.

Max D

"Calvin and Hobbes"


Maximillion Dunbar’s latest release as Max D is a simple textural excursion, brimming with youthful curiosity. Crystal clear digital synths freely bounce around each other like unbound spirits. Unlike his last full-length, House of Woo, a traditional percussive foundation is delightfully absent, allowing the elements of “Calvin and Hobbes” to playfully explore the space that Max has created, each at their own pace.

Max’s upcoming EP, Drizzling Glass, will be out soon via The Trilogy Tapes.




Proudly touting a late eighties easy listening sheen, “Surface” is the debut single from the Keats Collective’s future funk expert, Flamingosis. The young sampler jams out nostalgic R&B hooks with tantalizing percussion for a pulsating two-and-a-half minutes of below-the-surface bliss. Stay on the lookout for his self-titled debut, set to be shared via Keats Collective in less than a week.

Onno Vader



The latest from tranquil bedroom producer Onno Vader finds him back in his element—deep in his signature sound palate of bubbly toms, Juno 106-sounding analog synthesis, and assorted household percussion samples. “Birds” is a meditative excursion that gradually hones a general feeling of melancholy. The unstated Dutch producer’s growing collection of SoundCloud singles are very cohesive, and as he continues to expand upon the themes and palette of his ongoing work, I wonder how far we are from hearing a full-on release.


"I Can't"


A warm breath dissipates into the cold air. Household-hit percussion cracks and shatters like brittle snow across a sidewalk on a freezing Ann Arbor morning. I’m grazing across a desolate street. A flurry of snow veils familiar landmarks from my sight, leaving me adrift in ambiguous space.

“I Can’t” is a new track off of Michigan producer Sephari‘s debut EP, Provisionsfive tracks of cold, experimental beat-based work. I highly recommend that you remember to pack this for your next icy walk.


Bepotel - "Kikkerkelik"


Pulsating like a nervous heart of a midnight highway driver, the club-ready “Kikkerlelik” finds the Belgium-based production trio exploring a chamber of sloppy acid-inspired leads and garbled vocal samples. Composed of Sagat, Apos, & Walrus, Bepotel are graced with a gradual video from Miren Coppens for their techno-rooted cut—I recommend trying to watch it without blinking, even once.

Bepotel’s Kikkerkelik EP is available now via Vlek.