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Nicholas Nicholas


Gearing up for the release of his sophomore album, Wrong, the Brooklyn-based artist Chris Masullo, a.k.a. Nicholas Nicholas, is back with a foggy new single titled “Cave.” Continuing down a path of lush, melancholic shoegaze, the track builds off a smooth ripple of drums and a bleak wind of atmospherics; a sonic landscape perfect for Masullo’s vocals to glow bright in the song’s beautiful darkness. The song burns out with a sad outro that finds him still circling his sub-conscious in search of truths that lay on the horizon, but have yet to be revealed.

Wrong will be out on August 19th via Miscreant Records.

Bruce Smear

"Pick & Roll"

Last Fall, Driftless introduced the world to Bruce Smear, the solo alter-ago of Beach Fossils guitarist Tommy Davidson. After a productive winter, the Smear campaign continues with another hi-fi club anthem called “Pick & Roll.” Building off an influx of high octane samples and liquefied break-beats, Bruce Smear creates a slick team of sounds that mold elements of U.K club and off-kilter techno into a court-side production fueled by Smear’s vast catalogue of unknown waves and alternate realities. In a matter of seconds, the track finds you rumbling through The Fifth Element, as the ultimate half-time show begins in a cyber stadium filled with freaks from all over the galaxy.

Bruce Smear’s Chlorine EP drops August 26th via Driftless Recordings. 

Suno Deko


Atlanta’s Suno Deko, a.k.a. David Courtright, offers up the first taste of his forthcoming Throw Color EP with a track called “Bluets.” Things start off on a roll of delicate riffs that begin to warm up into sparkling reverb once the drums kick in. David’s vocals are rich and floaty, blowing gracefully through this dreamy psych gem that keeps the summer bliss on an endless high. While David’s lyrics are sung with a robust heart, hints of regret come undone in his beautifully laced lines. His warm sentiments are wrapped in sadness, but his angelic voice makes it pretty damn hard to notice.

Throw Color drops later this month via Stratosfear.



After releasing last year’s stunning Medusa EP, GEMS have been hard at work on new material for their next release. “Scars” is a new track that finds the D.C duo revealing more of those bright, electronic layers displayed on Medusa, leaning on a slightly buzzed out production that finds bass and synth rumbling backwards into a smooth ’80s feel. The airy vocals are sweet, dripping softly from a fog of reverb and light, subtle beats. What lies beneath the bliss is a lot of regret, a cry for love unreturned, and a pain so deep no amount of time could heal it.



Bayou‘s latest mixtape Loopback has enough smooth, upbeat jams on it to last a lifetime. “Speedboat” is a new bonus track that takes you back to the early Bayou recordings by keeping things sweet and subtle and letting the vocals drift on minimal production and a lot of unresolved feelings. The track finds him stripped down, not relying on a shimmery dream pop coat to keep things breezy. It’s a song about the regrets of love and a deep longing for an emotional retreat that may never happen.

Loopback is out now via Double Denim Records.



Last month, Brighton electronic outfit Phoria dropped their pulsating pop single “Emanate,” the first from their forthcoming EP titled Display. Their second single ”Undone” takes the production in a more brooding direction, keeping each piano chord smooth and defined while quivering vocal loops wistfully drip in the background. There’s no big climax or bubbly electronics this time around, just a lot of subdued harmonies and crisp snares that snap you into a perpetual sadness once this heart-rending track really gets going. The song adds yet another layer of majesty to Phoria’s evolving sound, resulting in their most striking effort to date.

Display drops on June 16th via X Novo.


Brett - "Lovers"

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 8.50.45 AM

With two singles already floating in the clouds, Brett have proven themselves to be the dream pop purveyors of 2014. Their new video for “Lovers” shows moving colors blending in perfect unison to create a sweet flow of patterns and cinematic movement. This moving collage adds a girl into the mix every so often. You can find her whipping her hair and feeling the vibes, which is really the only thing you should be doing when a Brett song comes on.

Brett’s debut album is available now via Cascine.



USF, f.k.a. Universal Studios Florida, have picked up some slick moves since their last album Ocean SunbirdsLeaving the ambient fuzz behind them, the Seattle-based duo return with a lush, vitalic club track titled “Sibilant.” The track bangs with deep, hi-fi production, leading a seamless loop of vocals into a beautiful frenzy. It feels like one big car chase, fueled by the essence of Baltimore club, steadily cruising a lane of liquified glitch that shifts into high gear right when you need it most. The party keeps going till the beats trickle out of focus, closing with a slow fade out into the ether and a sudden urge to relive this chaotic bliss over and over again.

USF’s new album SIMISM drops June 24th via Ceremony Recordings.



Brighton five-piece Phoria are set to release their new EP titled Display next month through X Novo. Their lush, subdued electronics get a jolt of euphoric bliss on the first single, “Emanate.” The track begins with some warm, lingering hums that float in the distance, leading into a soothing backdrop of snaps, claps, and trickles of smooth beats and effects. The breathy vocals glisten on top of the production, allowing the elegant arrangements to flourish into something bigger and better. The climactic finish leads into a more upbeat affair, the type of thing that could be super fun if your head weren’t permanently stuck in the clouds.