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Dilly Dally


Dilly Dally‘s “Desire,” the official lead single from their forthcoming album Sore, takes the Toronto four-piece into a realm of pent-up aggression where vocalist Katie Monks trademark growls are off-set by a smooth rush of breezy, fuzzed-out harmonies. The emotional juggling act plays out throughout the song, carrying Monk’s raspy vocals through wispy guitar jangles before diving into a pit of harsh feedback and monstrous shreds. “Desire” chants bounce throughout the sludgy chaos, as their fantasies boil over and lead to one epic climax after another.

Dilly Dally’s debut album Sore drops October 9th via Partisan Records & Buzz Records.

Better Person


While he’s best known for his stint with inprov folk outfit Kyst, Adam Byczkowski seems to channel a whole new groove as Better Person, a soulful Berliner who first debuted with “I Wake Up Tired” in 2013. On his new jam, “Sentiment,” his woozy moonlight drive through ’80s pop pivots further into those crystalline synths and murky drum machine kicks, as Byczkowski relives that moment where you come to terms with heartbreak, only to find yourself rattled with the anxiety that comes from figuring out what’s next. Between the hazy disco thumps and heartfelt earnest that oozes through as Byczkowski sings “All that I have is a sentiment,” it’s hard not to love a man classy enough to take the high road, even after getting his heart stomped on.

Better Person’s debut EP will be available later this year via Mansions and Millions.


Prince Innocence - "I Dont Care"

With their Easy Life EP due out later this summer, Toronto duo Prince Innocence have finally given Bealeric house track “I Don’t Care” the perfect visuals to match its woozy, apathetic vibes. Director Chris Levett manages to capture new sides of frontwoman Talvi Faustmann, who finds herself trapped in a kaledioscope dream throughout the course of the video. Caught between sorrow and happiness, Faustmann decides to battle her endless blues by dancing them off, swaying freely between outfit changes and a vibrant gloss of shifting color schemes. It’s hard to say how she feels by the end of the video, but a cloud-covered fantasy land seems like the perfect place to sort out your unresolved feelings and pick out some killer spring looks in the process.



Tasseomancy‘s alluring soundscapes often trigger the most impenetrable ambience, a realm made more divine by the enchanting harmonies of Tasseo twins Romy and Sari Lightman. On “Apophenia,” the second single from the forthcoming Palm Wine Revisited, the twins’ swirling electronics are brushed by a steel drum symphony, which manages to get dreamier as the song progresses. The track begins with cosmic keyboard bubbles swimming upward in a haze, as vocals push through ever so slightly. The message is often unclear, leaving much to decipher through the track, but you’ll find the key to enjoying this ethereal gem is to lay back and let go, no questions asked.

Pale Wine Revisited drops June 2nd via Healing Power Records.


"The Mood Changes"


Austin, TX’s Wez debuts with his romantic pop track “The Mood Changes,” a reflective anthem that chronicles the anxieties that loom in the midst of a real connection. The soft-focused keys swim freely as the bubbling production continues to illuminate the hazy bits of his tipsy Friday night. Wez lustfully croons about that special moment when the chemistry with someone is just right, but you’re trying your best to play it cool. The budding producer doesn’t shy away from his true emotions, even when he’s unsure what those are. As the track fades away, Wez asks “Maybe I could stay the night. Do you think that would be alright?” a question that can answer itself by the end, depending on how many whiskies you’ve had throughout the night.


Absolute Fantasy - "Patriarch Angel"

When he’s not delivering swampy psych pop as one half of Alligator Indian, Asheville’s Matthew Erao likes to keep his solo stuff flowing, releasing tracks under a slew of different monikers. Absolute Fantasy finds Erao revisting his last ten years of releases, layering warped samples into bleak, crackling production that often results in a lot of lush, zoned out pop songs. ”Patriarch Angel” is a song first created under the name XIAN INTL last summer. In its visual form, Erao takes his swoon fest into cyberspace, a performance meant to poke fun at love songs in which the female character needs to be saved by the male protaginist. Aside from a wonky monitor, there isn’t much to be saved from in this video. However, between Erao’s alluring glances and new wave tinged vocals, you may fall prey to his charms, which may be a danger in and of itself.

Laura Groves

"Dream Story"


Taking a break from the plaintive grooves of electronic trio Nautic, sultry Londonite Laura Groves is gearing up to release her second solo EP titled Committed Language. Leading with ”Dream Story,” Groves finds herself in hot pursuit of lost fragments that loom in the sleepy unknown, a quest that melds fantasy and reality with gleaming synth lines that punctuate her fluttering vocals. Even with it’s melancholic undertones, the soulful rhythm manages to keep things lush and upbeat, as Groves breathlessly croons, “When you gonna tell your story?”—an answer trapped in an hour glass, pouring carefully as she contemplates exactly what brought her back to dreamland.

Committed Language drops February 17th via DEEK Recordings.


Saint Pepsi - "Fall Harder"

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 1.26.16 PM

When Saint Pepsi dropped the Fiona Coyne/Fall Harder 7” earlier this year, most people were shocked to learn that the young producer has a pretty impressive vocal range to match his funked-out pop songs. Directed by Alex Girav, the visuals for the summery B-side “Fall Harder” feature two couples on opposite sides of the coin. Young love burns bright, as old lovers struggle to rekindle their flame. Romantic highs and lows find both sets of lovebirds at a crossroads, until their paths cross at a house party and one couple soon discovers that some careless fun and a few rolls of 2-ply is all their relationship needed.

The Fiona Coyne/Fall Harder 7” is available now via Carpark.

School '94

"Like You"

With their debut EP slated for release next month, Gothenburg’s  School ’94 pulls shades of the ’80s into the EP’s title track “Like You.” The melodic, soft-focused riffs and shimmering keyboard carry this lovestruck anthem through a pool of romantic bliss as singer Alice Botéus powers through and bathes the track in lush, wailing vocals. At times it feels like Cocteau Twins, with a brief cameo by Pat Benatar. But in reality, it’s just four young Swedes with a youthful glow that has rejuvenated an era of music past, taking all those nostalgic moments and turning them into love songs with no concept of the past or the present.

School ’94′s debut EP, Like You, drops December 2nd via Cascine & Luxury.