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Xeno & Oaklander



Xeno & Oaklander signed to Ghostly International last year and are gearing up for their first release on the label titled Par Avion. While the prolific duo is known for their desolate synth pop, their second single “Interface” is a slightly more luscious affair. The synths retain that icy, galactic element, but wash together in a way that sparks a more airy, shoegaze sound, accentuating the whispery vocals beautifully. It feels classic, yet modern, a new wave imbued gem that drifts so far into the past, it almost gets lost and takes you right along with it.

Par Avion drops on June 24th via Ghostly International.



Londoner Hari Ashurst is mostly known for his blog turned record label, Double Denim Records, a label he co-founded back in 2010. Aside from the label, he also makes music under the alias Bayou. The bedroom pop newcomer made a sweet splash last year with tracks like “Varsity Jacket” and the Balearic R&B standout “Cherry Cola.” “Airlock” finds him taking things in a different direction. The track starts with some bubbly beats and a sped-up freestyle that simmers for a bit, leading into more lush synths accompanied by Hari’s baby soft falsetto. He wistfully croons about something feeling out of reach, a mood he can’t seem to shake, even in the midst of this super playful track.

Bayou’s mixtape, Loopback, drops May 12th via Double Denim Records.


Karneef - "Swimming"

Montreal’s Karneef is a man that really, really loves his bass. The video for his new single “Swimming” finds him in some weird situations, most of which involve him in his underwear. Karneef keeps it cool with a lot of smooth strumming and awkward dance moves; occasionally hiding behind paintings so he can scope out a cute girl in the studio. She seems to be in her own world for most of the video, walking around aimlessly and dancing while Karneef serenades her in different parts of the studio.

Karneef’s album Love Between Us is available now via Club Roll.

Donovan Blanc

"Minha Menina"

Donovan Blanc are the New Jersey duo of Joseph Fekete and Raymond Schwab. Before signing to Captured Tracks, Joseph and Raymond made sugary pop music under the name Honeydrum. With that project behind them, the boys have moved on to more rich vocals, smooth transitions, and a lot of clean, melodic guitar hooks with their first single “Minha Menina.” The jazzy arrangements and subtle drums are crisp, yet restrained, allowing their sunny, Bowie-esqe vocals to swoon you softly, rather than pull you in all at once. It’s the type of breezy, romantic pop track you can’t help but fall in love with, especially once the buzz finally sets in.

Donovan Blanc’s self-titled debut album drops June 24th via Captured Tracks.


Nat Baldwin - "In The Hollows"

Last month, Dirty Projectors‘ bassist Nat Baldwin announced that his new album, In The Hollows, would be released this spring. The heartbreaking melodies on this fragile chamber pop song find a new home in the grainy visuals for the album’s title track. The video shows a lot of different lives intertwined; young kids grow into old friends as time shifts and more of their lives unfold throughout the video. This heartwarming effort manages to lighten the mood of the song a bit, all while reminding us of the beauty and sadness that comes with mortality.

In The Hollows drops April 29th via Western Vinyl.


Yohuna - "Creep Date"

It’s pretty hard not to fall for Yohuna, especially when she’s rocking badass heart necklaces and cute purple lipstick. The new video for “Creep Date” finds her drunk with lust and suffering from a weird Jekyll and Hyde moment as she prepares to meet a boy for a night of arcade fun. It becomes very obvious that her pursuit of him has little to do with love as she continues to fixate on the chain he wears around his neck. Forever the heartbreaker, Yohuna claims her prize and drifts away, leaving her boy toy down one necklace and speechless at the sight of a doppelgänger in white ready to claim a prize of her own.

“Creep Date” is off the Clubhouse Split, which is available via Crash Symbols.

Home Alone

"Interstates and Stuff"

Home Alone‘s Thomas Mazurkiewicz made his love for blunts very clear when he emerged from the clouds last year with two beautiful EPs. ”Interstates and Stuff” finds him on a different high, reliving the same bummer over and over again. Thomas wistfully croons over soft guitar jangles, recounting the bitter nostalgia that finds him waiting in regret, reevaluating things he could’ve done differently. His lucid account of events burns in a fragrant haze as he delivers warm sentiments more potent than any bubblegum kush on the market.

Home Alone’s new LP, There’s Light Coming Through, drops March 15th via Beko Disque & Orchid Tapes.




Love, magic, and a luscious high range have never failed Fielded in her quest to keep girl power alive in these “post-apocalyptic” times. “REIGN” finds Brooklyn’s Lindsay A. Powell questioning if love is enough to fix a fragile romance. Her inner pop diva comes out of the shadows this time around, resulting in some catchy harmonies and perfectly layered power vocals. When her Mariah moment comes full circle, her silky vibrato bounces off the feverish, upbeat electronics with ease, allowing her to project a message that may lead her to resolution.

Fielded’s forthcoming EP, Universally Handsome, drops on July 29th.


Zones - "OpenSky"

Picture 2

Heretical Objects is a not-for-profit cooperative that specializes in limited edition tapes for Canadian artists. Their 4th releases will come from multi-media artist Derek McKeon (a.k.a. Zones).

His first single, “OpenSky” is the perfect introduction to his distinct sonic creations, with the blissed-out serenity of sunshine sparkling melodies, swirling analog delays, riff-heavy guitars and warbling-dub rhythms. The video is just one long trip into psychedelic bliss. Vibrant splashes of color find new form in the fuzzy reverb, all while McKeon pulls us further into his own distorted, tropical paradise.

Zones’ forthcoming LP, Real Time, is available March 13th via Heretical Objects & Wyrd Distro.