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Bois is the chosen pseudonym of New Orleans artist and musician Brian Bo. Bo is a well-seasoned musician, working most recently with Hear Hums and touring frequently with Peace Arrow. His work as Bois strays from the acoustic experimentalism of Hear Hums, leaning more towards a gauzy palate that may be better suited for introspection than euphoria.

On ”Judgmental,” Bo employs a blend of pitch-shifted vocals, vibraphone, and reversed atmospherics that are hypnotic, but the track’s relaxed propulsion will definitely keep you hooked.

It should come as no surprise that it was featured on the latest Patient Sounds sampler, PSSV6. You can also purchase “Judgmental” there or check Bois’ entire Blank (out) EP here.

Ian William Craig

"Either Or"


“Either Or” comes from Ian William Craig‘s Recital Records debut, A Turn of Breath. Craig’s sonic palate pairs his operatic training with corroded textures that merge to envelop listeners in sublime sonic environments. Fans of Julianna Barwick‘s angelic vocal layering or William Basinki‘s decaying tape loops will find a lot to love in Craig’s vocal and reel-to-reel manipulations.

A Turn of Breath is a hauntingly beautiful record that deserves to be listened to in its entirety. It’s limited to 300 copies and can be purchased directly via Recital Records.


"You Fell Through"


Danny is a dreamy four-piece hailing from New Orleans formed by members of the now defunct Jane Jane Pollock.  On “You Fell Through” the group channels exotic vibes and syncopated R&B rhythms, but ditches the kitsch for a more forlorn feeling. Shared vocals by Courtney Asztalos and Heather Lee Smith float atop finely crafted hooks that leave listeners to dwell in a place of tropical nostalgia.

You can download Danny’s whole album, Pontchartrain Beach, through the group’s Bandcamp or pick up a cassette via Elestial Sound.

Wooden Indian

"Savage Grass"


Wooden Indian is a Phoenix-based band making hypnotic psych-pop. The group’s melange of textures and dreamy melodies prove wonderfully woozy on “Savage Grass.” Wooden’s Indian’s deft ability to marry atmosphere and song craft was noted by Tim Rutili from Califone at a recent show.

Rutili was so impressed by Wooden Indian’s work that he invited the group to record and perform with him on his upcoming tour with The War on Drugs. You can grab all the info here, but make sure to support Wooden Indian by purchasing “Savage Grass” over at their Bandcamp. All proceeds will go towards releasing their upcoming full-length vinyl.

Many Mansions

"Mirror Shadows"

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“Mirror Shadows” comes from Chang Dhan Ali’s latest Many Mansions release, Night Sesh. The project has morphed over the years, evolving from Chang Dhan’s solo performances of tribal-infused loop jams to an explosive five-piece afrobeat band.

Night Sesh witnesses Ali’s return to his roots as a solo artist, but the album explores funkier landscapes. “Mirror Shadows” begins with warped percussion and lilting synth washes. Cropped vocal samples soon syncopate the rhythm as the track builds to groovy synthesizer catharsis. You can complete your vision quest by picking up a tape from MJ MJ Records.

Doron Sadja

"Heart Breath"


Doron Sadja is a multimedia artist based in Brooklyn and Malmo whose experimental work focuses on multichannel installation. “Heart Breath” comes from Sadja’s latest release, Breath Heart Skin. The album features music originally composed for a 21 speaker sound system for Issue Project Room.

“Heart Breath” and the rest of the tracks on Breath Heart Skin are sensuous explorations through densely layered and slow moving compositions. This sounds like a recipe for a challenging affair, but Sadja’s music is constantly evolving and offers a truly transportive experience. Textures wash over and envelop listeners, building nearly to cacophony; just as a thresholds are reached, sounds subside and decay into silence and a welcome stillness is left.

Breath Heart Skin is available for download via the Shinkoyo label, which Sadja helps to run. Those who purchase the album are rewarded for their contribution with a photo book.


"Interrupted Forms II"


“Interrupted Forms II” is pulled from Ryan Potts’ latest release as Aquarelle. The track opens with an explosion of coarse textures that envelop listeners in a womb of granularity. An acoustic guitar gradually finds its way into to the mix before it washes away into a second, calmer ocean of feedback. Potts masterfully conjures emotion from texture, and “Interupted Forms II” definitely rewards listeners who take in the experience with headphones.

“Interupted Forms II” is featured on Aquarelle’s contribution to Bathetic Records‘ eleven-tape compilation, Dynasty at Ghost Town. The compilation showcases eleven experimental musicians and is tied together by the art of Simon Fowler. Tapes can be purchased directly from Aquarelle’s Bandcamp, or you can snag the entire compilation via Bathetic Records’ website.


"Dawn Mother"


“Dawn Mother” is pulled from Euglossine’s latest release, Lustrous. The album was composed by Tristan Whitehill after compiling several years of hardware sound design. The euphoric tracks are harmonically complex, but this is far from an academic affair; Lustrous proves to be Euglossine’s most focused and intentional work yet.

“Dawn Mother” draws inspiration from the skeleton of one of the oldest known mammals, the Eomaia. The song juxtaposes house rhythms and a jazzy sense of whimsy to transport listeners 125 million years into the past to cut a rug with our ancestors.

Lustrous is available via Elestial Sound, so be sure to support this incredible artist by purchasing a copy here.


"Kids Will Be Kids"


Praything‘s music has evolved drastically over the years. The project began with Ju Young Lee humbly rocking a Casio keyboard and delay pedal, but the release of 2012′s Her Skin Caught the Glow EP revealed the true grandeur of Lee’s vision for project. It’s pensive melodies paired with soaring hooks left listeners spellbound and eager for more.

I was fortunate enough to catch Praything at last year’s FMLY Fest Brooklyn. I expected a set dominated by keyboards and samplers, but instead I was met with huge guitars and thunderous drums. Lee has clearly decided to channel that energy on his upcoming EP, Heavun. His trademark falsetto is still central in the mix, but I’m eager to hear what surprises Lee has in store for us with his upcoming release.