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Camp Counselors ft. Psychic Twin – “Attean”

CC art

Kyle Reigle usually makes clouded dream-pop love under the extremely fitting moniker Cemeteries.

Recently, the soon-to-be Chicago resident was heavily inspired by Memory Tapes‘ 2012 LP Grace/Confusion, and decided to conjure up a lower-pressure, electronic-focused project called Camp Counselors. The latest single “Attean” features a bewitching vocal take from Erin Fein of Psychic Twin, which syncs up perfectly with the faded, haunting glow that hangs overhead.

He’s currently putting the finishing touches on a full-length album titled Huntress, set to release sometime this month via Kyle’s own digital/cassette label, Snowbeast Records.

Stream “Attean” below:

Thunderhank – “House” / “Tracker”

Thunderhank "House" & "Tracker" art

This brand new LA-based duo are showing some serious potential with two stirring debut singles, “House” & “Tracker”—both quietly released via SoundCloud & Bandcamp. “Tracker” is easy and inviting—a real daytime mellow tune. “House” is a bit more of an attention-grabber with its slick, punching drum kick slowly leading you into a hollow mix of rippling synth stabs and wind-wailing guitars. The cooled down vocal melody grows bigger and bigger until it reaches the heights of what sounds like a full on choir confidently belting to the sky, “Dream baby dream!”

It really grows on you.

Stream “House” and “Tracker” below:

MedicineHat – “Spells”


Ann Arbor’s MedicineHat (aka Ned Sasi) completely took my breath away with his extremely underrated and intensely gorgeous single, “Migrants,” (shouts to the very first Portals mixtape) back in January 2012. His latest track “Spells” sounds so perfectly refreshing for the spring season with its scintillating piano back-dropping Ned Sasi’s finely tuned vocals. The second half immediately picks up the pace and all of a sudden we are headed straight for summer.

Stream “Spells” below: