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"Fool For You"

Blanche_fool for you

Blanche is another collaboration made possible by the internet. This time the collaboration is between Los Angeles artist Steffaloo, and anonymous producer nknwn. With nknwn taking care of the lush and enveloping production, Steffaloo handles the lyrics and vocals. Their vibes mesh perfectly to create a sound all their own, and their debut EP, one, is a great intro to the project. Hear the standout “Fool For You” below, and listen to the full EP here.

Pretty Sad


Pretty Sad_Swim

Pretty Sad is comprised of members from all across the great EU—Denmark, Scotland, and the UK. But thanks to the internet, they’re able to share their sounds and collaborate in perfect harmony, creating some really great lo-fi pop pleasure. Their three song self-titled EP is being released digitally on Portland/San Francisco imprint Shelflife Records, in anticipation of their full-length due out next year.

Grab the digital copy of the Pretty Sad EP via Shelflife.

Logan Hyde

"My Only Friend"

Logan Hyde_My Only Friend

The creative incarnations of Logan Hyde continue, and this time, I think it’s going to stick. We last heard his musings as Psychedelic Black, but now he’s dropped the fancy band names, and is simply going by his name. The Boise artist croons gently in his debut single “My Only Friend.” The simple electric guitar foundation slowly gets peppered with minimal but effective psychedelic production, all creating a perfect home for Logan’s crystal clear vocals. His debut full-length, Innocence, will be out sometime next year, so be on the lookout.


"The Shots"

Gawain_The Shots

Aaron Landgraf previously recorded under the name Ambassador Engine, and hasn’t released music in over three years. Reborn as Gawain, Aaron just released his latest effort Loyal on the amazing Patient Sounds imprint late last month. The album is a bedroom-produced narrative, each track telling more of the story, through both the music and Aaron’s soft and disarming vocals. You’ll see why he calls Gawain a “music and literary” project.

Hear Loyal here, and purchase the cassette via Patient Sounds.




Melbourne producer Thrupence just released his latest original mixtape Lessons. It’s thoughtful, introspective, and a perfect companion for those long winter nights. Jack Vanzet has a propensity for crafting naturalistic sounds infused with beats and production so smooth it feels as if you’re swimming in it.

The mixtape was officially released last Friday via Future Classic. You can stream the whole thing here, and grab the vinyl release here.

A Sol Mechanic & Handbook

"Love From Above"

A Sol Mechanic + Handbook_Mindfulness

The internet is a beautiful place. It lets producers from halfway across the globe come together and collaborate on an awesome EP like the one from LA-based A Sol Mechanic and UK-based Handbook. The EP is called Mindfulness and is full of dense head-bobbing and thoughtful beats. They take turns producing four tracks and collaborate to make the fifth track, “Love From Above.” Hear it below and snag the full EP via Italdred Records.




Without warning, Virgina-based electronic artist Evenings released a new 5-track EP called Gardener last Thursday. You might think that with such a nonchalant release, it would be full of old drafts, or half-finished ideas of songs. That’s where you’d be wrong, because each track is an evolving deep dive into severe vibe creation that has been a staple of Evenings since day one. Listen to EP highlight “Shepherd’s_” below, and snag the EP via his Bandcamp.


Pro Teens - "Puberty"

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 10.52.41 AM

Phoenix-based Pro Teens make warm, somehow lazily calculated tunes, their latest being “Puberty.” It’s something we can all relate to, one of life’s few certainties. With lines like, “control yourself / get to know yourself,” you could almost imagine it being the title track to a John Hughes movie. The video, created and uploaded unbeknownst to the band, features some pretty amazing found footage of some circa ’90s teens coming of age, intercut with animations of all the wonderful things that go on inside our bodies during that pivotal time.  

You can listen to their makeshift EP, made up of “everything so far” that they’ve recorded.

Novelty Daughter

"Still Warm"

Novelty Daughter_Still Warm

Faith Harding channels her musical prowess into a project called Novelty Daughter. Her knack for production is matched only by her counterintuitive, versatile, and beautiful vocals. And if that wasn’t enough for you to fall head over heels, the lyrical strength she exhibits surely will. A staple artist in the Stereocure lineup, Faith is working on her debut full-length album to be released in early 2015. In the meantime, she’s provided us with something substantial to tide us over. Below is the B-side of her latest single, “Impatiens.” You can hear the A-side here.