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Empress Of

"Water Water"


Lorely Rodriguez’s project Empress Of is back with her first single from her upcoming debut album. Her production style has only developed and evolved since the last time we heard her. Her vocals are as strong and demanding as ever, and are used as an integral piece of her production. There’s a trance-like quality to “Water Water” that had me staring into the corner of the room for most of the track. Lyrically, Lorely never ceases to surprise me; she makes talking about drinking red wine and accidentally getting too high sound like poetry.

Look for her upcoming debut via XL Recordings & Terrible Records.

Sister Wanzala

"Shy Heat / Heaven"

Sister Wanzala_Shy Heat:Heaven

Three brothers from London uploaded their first track to SoundCloud about two weeks ago. Sister Wanzala make self-proclaimed cold funk, and the good vibes are undeniable. Their latest is “Shy Heat / Heaven” and instead of trying to define it, I’ll just let their words do the talking:

I grunt about drunks in diamond mines, defenseless relationships and the follies and foibles inherent in being ”half-black” yet being in possession of neither a big, nor a “half-big,” reproductive organ.


High Rule - "Touch"

High Rule_Touch

I’m a sucker for best friends making music together, and Chicago’s High Rule (Zelda reference, check!) is just that. Their debut single and video for ”Touch” is a modern and twisted love story wherein screens replace faces, texts replace conversations, and the technological disconnect can all too easily betray you. It’s a story that’s almost too easy to relate to these days.

And make sure to stick around for the end of the video.

Alexei Shishkin

"Goodbye Chile"

Alexei Shishkin_Goodbye Chile

Alexei Shishkin‘s music exudes the kind of slacker vibes that only places like Los Angeles can help cultivate. He now lives in Portland, and wrote an album to help work out all the things that come along with such a drastic change of scenery. His new single from his upcoming release on Forged Artifacts is as catchy as it is mellow. This album is going to sound perfect on tape.

You can pre-order the dog tape—out in mid-April—via Forged Artifacts.

William Starr Busbee


William Busbee_College Rock

South Carolina’s William Starr Busbee has that distinct ability to suspend you in a timeless space. On his upcoming release, College Rock II, Busbee bends the fidelity to his will, raising it and lowering it at his whim to make room for his vast range of styles and genres. Listen to standout single “Girl” below.

College Rock II will be out tomorrow via Fork & Spoon Records.

Los Angeles Police Department



Ryan Pollie’s ability to craft nearly perfect pop songs, fuzzy and sleepy as they may be, seems to pour from an endless well. He’s releasing his next set of sounds as Los Angeles Police Department on the illustrious Fat Possum Records, and “Insecurity” is just one side of his upcoming 7″. It’s a perfectly apt song about those all too familiar feelings of insecurity in the face of love.

Pre-order the 7″—out on February 24th—via Fat Possum Records.


"Please God, Make Me A Stone."


I stumbled across this UK producer last week. According to his SoundCloud URL, M.O.T.O stands for “Master of the Ordinance.” His latest EP, on which the track below debuts, is five tracks of handmade electronic vibe experiments. You can hear the care with which each track is delicately stitched together using a collection of poignant samples and soft melodic production. The result is an EP perfect for unwinding at the end of the day.

Nick Klein


Nick Klien_Paralyzed

Dutch electronic duo Nick Klein is comprised of one part vocals (Nick Klein) and one part production (Ferdous Dehzad). They only have three tracks up on their SoundCloud, the latest among them being “Paralyzed.” Between Nick’s smooth-as-butter vocals, and Ferdous’s innovative production, they’ve crafted something pretty addictive. Listen below, and stand by for their upcoming debut EP.


Mirror Kisses - "Keep A Secret"

Mirror Kisses_Keep A Secret

George Clanton, a.k.a. Mirror Kisses, really knows how to sex things up. And his new Hackers-themed video for single “Keep A Secret” is no exception. Utilizing the green screen to its full effect, George sings about love in all its wonder and aching, while dancing in that swoon-inducing way only he can. The track is from his upcoming and to-be-named LP, so keep an eye out. In the meantime, go ahead and put yourself beside Angelina Jolie and Jonny Lee Miller and see if you can keep a secret.