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Call Me


Call Me_Disclosed

Call Me is a Stockholm-based pop project that appeared nearly out of thin air, it seems. The song starts off slowly and builds to that resounding chorus—I can show you more than you know.

There’s not much more to know about the project at this point, but hopefully there will be more to come soon.

A Sol Mechanic

"you excite me"

A Sol Mechanic_you excite me

LA producer David Blazer, a.k.a. A Sol Mechanic, just launched a new release mechanism called Solful Sunday, wherein he releases a new “soulful” jam every Sunday. Yesterday was the second week, and “you excited me” hit the cloud. There’s no mistake, it’s as soulful as it gets, a beat so deep you could swim in it. Add this to your list of things to look forward to on Sundays.

Download here.

Chrome Sparks


Chrome Sparks_Goddess

Brooklyn’s Chrome Sparks has been hard at work on his new EP, Goddess, after getting signed to Future Classic. This is his debut on the label, and judging by the title track, we have some seriously dense and complex sounds to get through. “Goddess” is like a journey through space and time, a sound that feels like traveling. I’m not sure how you achieve such a sound, but Jeremy has managed to do so, and it makes my anticipation for the full EP rise with every hypnotic synth stroke.

Pre-order the vinyl via Future Classic—the EP is out April 28th.


"Can't Vibe"

Tower.SFV - Can't Vibe

TOWER is a brand new project from Los Angeles. Comprised of former members of Glow Marrow and Body Parts, the formation is strong before you ever hear a synth. Their sound is a lively jolt of alt pop that will wake you up and have you hooked almost immediately. Their debut track “Can’t Vibe” is all we have to go on for now, but expect a lot from them in the future.

Magical Mistakes

"Satellite Images"

Magical Mistakes - Satellite Imagery

Magical Mistakes is Erik Luebs, and he just dropped a new EP called Single Cells on the SoCal-based label Kill Quanti. It’s a collection of five tracks, exploring a deeper, fuller sound that seems to envelop you completely. Erik has utilized a lot of natural, analog samples in his music in the past, and this takes a turn for more robust electronic synthesis. The result is inescapably satisfying.

Grab the EP here, and keep up with Magical Mistakes’ current US tour on Perfect Touch.


"Let You Know"

abhidijon_let you know

R&B duo Abhi//Dijon just dropped a new track called “Let You Know” last week, and it’s nothing if not a continuation of their unique and innovative take on experimental R&B. This track in particular seems to reveal an ever-maturing sense of beatmaking, combining weaving, pulsing, almost house-esque sounds with more straight forward R&B. The result is another sexy and infectious track that only furthers evidence of their talent.


"None Of It Real"

Ships_None Of It Real

I love it when amazing people start labels. Not too long ago, the incomparable, and wholly trusted, No Fear Of Pop started a 7″ imprint called Stratosfear. Their most recent and upcoming release is from Dublin-based duo, Ships, comprised of Sorca McGrath and Simon Cullen. Their particular brand of dark disco pop is especially attractive and hard to resist.

Where the A-side, ”Space Inside,” is like a funky party-noir, the B-side, “None Of It Real,” is like a scaled down, nighttime drive sort of sound, that features McGrath’s vocals as it’s spotlight. A perfect reflection of it’s opposite side. The A-side like the intoxicated party, the B-side like the necessary detox that follows.

Grab Ships’ Space Inside 7″ vinyl here.




We haven’t heard anything from the LA-based duo MVSCLES in quite a while, but over the last few weeks they’ve hit their SoundCloud with two new tracks. The latest is “Game”—It contains their signature sugary pop sound, brought to scale with a clear maturity that’s been developing in silence over the last year. Listen below, and keep your ears to the ground.


Hundred Waters - "Cavity"

Hundred Waters_Cavity

Our love for Hundred Waters is no secret. The Gainesville band is prepping their sophomore album to follow up their debut self-titled album from 2012. In addition to their last single “Down From The Rafters,” they’ve just released this official video for their next single, “Cavity.” The song features some of the most beautiful sounds we’ve ever heard from the band, emoting “you make these feelings go away.” It’s as ethereal as it is moving, and director Michael Langan does wonders to not only capture the heart of the band but also bring a visual layer that adds all the more to what you’re hearing.

Their upcoming album will be out May 27th via OWSLA.