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Foreign Fields - "Little Love"

Foreign Fields_Little Lover

Nashville duo Foreign Fields make music that demands quiet contemplation. Their debut album Anywhere But Where I Am released over two years ago now, was like a beautiful look out over a snowy landscape, so peaceful, so beautiful, and so rich that for a minute you could almost hear the absence of sound as the snow fell around you.

They’ve just released a new single, “Little Lover,” and it is a certain evolution of their signature style. Eric Hillman’s smooth-as-butter falsetto lofts over this track in a way that I can only describe as intoxicating. The video below, directed by Aaron Joseph, is the perfect psychedelic interpretation of the song, and makes a perfect companion.

Leisure Suite

"Ease Away"

Leisure Suite_Ease Away

“Ease Away” is the second single from Melbourne, Australia-based electronic project Leisure Suite. The group is made up of Mitchell Wood, Su Zechen, and vocalist Bridgette Le. “Ease Away” is particularly personal in its contemplative tempo, slow burning the plea for something to make the pain go away. The feeling is far too familiar to most of us, and Bridgette’s smooth, fragile, and yet powerful voice serves to both call forth that pain, and remind me that we have it within ourselves to “ease it all away.”  

Persona La Ave

"Cheers Big Ears"

Persona La Ave_Temptation Relation

Persona La Ave was a staple for any music blogger circa 2010. Dylan Dawkins has been making his own style of music for years now, and every release promises to keep you on your toes. But no matter what direction he’s experimenting with, there seems to be an underlying theme of pure funk. It’s been a while since we last heard from him, but it looks like he’s found a new home at MJ MJ Records. They’re releasing his latest EP, Temptation / Relation, and it’s the first time he’s been on cassette since 2010.

Grab the EP and/or the cassette here.




Swedish producer Gidge takes his time unraveling the eight-minute masterpiece, weaving together electronic soundscapes with live instrumentation in a way that seems effortless. That blaring horn that introduces the track acts as a sort of anchor throughout, as we’re taken from one serene moment to another, building ultimately to a triumphant climax that takes two full minutes to billow out. You can pre-order his upcoming album Autumn Bells from Atomnation and get the download of “Norrland” when you do.


Suno Deko - "Thrown Color"


The video for Suno Deko‘s single “Thrown Color” takes the title theme quite literally. David Courtright faces the camera wearing all white, secures his safety goggles and proceeds to actually throw color. The result is a beautiful rainbow of bright colors spattering his entire body, and the sheet behind him—until he tears it down and traipses around in the woods. The visuals, directed by Jonathan Bouknight, are a perfect counterpart to the track’s complex orchestra of sound.

Suno Deko’s latest EP Thrown Color is available now via Stratosfear Records.


"Just You And Me"

Ales_Just You And Me

Maryland artist ALÉS just dropped a new single, and we’re happy to give you the first opportunity to hear it. It’s a lush dreamscape full of funky basslines, wobbling synths and Alex Song’s perfectly soothing vocals on top. This one should make its way nicely into your end of summer mixtapes.




Celia Hollander makes music under the moniker $3.33 and released her first album in February of last year, and it was undoubtedly one of the more interesting pieces to make its way into our ears. Just a few weeks ago, she released a four-track EP of whimsical and entrancing piano music. The album is called DRAFT, and you can listen to the the first track “+” below. There’s beauty here that’s just waiting to be discovered.

DRAFT is available via Bandcamp.

Chrome Sparks

"Losing You"

Chrome Sparks_Losing U

Chrome Sparks released a one-off single last week called “Losing U.” It’s emotional and vibey as hell. Sampling from the Temptations‘ track by the same title, he weaves the old lyrics into a simple yet powerful orchestra of synth and percussion. Stream the track below, and download it over at his SoundCloud.

Check out Chrome Sparks’ tour schedule here.

Adelyn Rose


Adelyn Rose_Perhaps

On the heels of her second full-length release, Adelyn Rose recorded “Perhaps” in the springtime. And it sounds like springtime, uplifting and lilting as the earth comes back to life after a cold winter. Anything is possible in those few moments of changing seasons. She possesses the exact amount of gentle control that can command your ears. With such a simple and stripped down sound, you can’t help but be completely wooed.

Download “Perhaps” here.