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Emily Yacina


emily yacina_loser

Brooklyn (by way of Philly) based singer-songwriter Emily Yacina just released the lead single off her upcoming EP, Soft Stuff. “Loser” is a hypnotic lull that weaves and moves through a careful sea of synths and layers of vocals. Her lo-fi, home recorded aesthetic lends itself perfectly to the winter months where staying in and bundling up with a nice book and a good record become more and more attractive.

The EP will be out on December 11th—along with a limited number of cassettes—via her Bandcamp.


"On Account of Your Love"

Brett Album-On Account Of Your Love Art

DC band Brett is in between full-length albums, and wanted to do something with the body of work that wasn’t right for either of them.  They managed to pull together five tracks that all fit together in a perfectly cohesive package of smooth and irresistible vibes. The titular track, “On Account of Your Love” showcases that kind of love that alters your perception like only love can. It’s a synth-y wave of yearning perfect for a warm night drive.

The EP will be out on vinyl via Chill Mega Chill Records, and you can pre-order it here.

all boy/all Girl

"Andrea Amati"

allboy_allgirl_andrea amati

Seven-piece Brooklyn band all boy/all girl released their latest single with our friends at Grind Select late last month. It’s an epic six-minute symphonic pop piece driving toward a certain transcendence. The track was released with an interactive website companion that fully envelope you as you move through a renaissance scene with flickering candles that slowly uncovers a beautiful landscape.

This is what site creator Kyle Stetz had to say about it:

The site aims to capture the emotional tone of the song by placing listeners in the world of Andrea Amati, the renaissance-era inventor of the violin. It provides a small window into an enormous canvas composed of paintings that blend in disorienting ways. The relatively slow speed of navigation demands some patience but rewards users as they stumble upon striking and intense moments of humanity.

Explore the site here.

Birkwin & Vienna


Birkwin Jersey_ Diane

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from UK artist Birkwin Jersey. So when I saw his latest release pop up on my SoundCloud feed, I got excited. He’s teamed up with long-time collaborator Vienna, to release a brand new album DianeBetween Vienna’s unique and powerful vocals, and Birkwin’s mellowed-out and intricate production, the album is perfect for the current seasonal transition into the more introverted time of year.

Download Diane here.

George Clanton


George Clanton_Warmspot

Mirror Kisses no more, Brooklyn-based artist George Clanton has decided to go by his given name. All in all, I wouldn’t be too worried about it, because those sweet sweet vaporwave vibes are still strong as ever. And his brand new release 100% Electronica is all of Clanton’s strongest musical talents condensed into one album. From the dance-inducing opener, “Never Late Again” to the softer yearning of “Warmspot,” it stands as an album to be listened to at all times.

Buy 100% Electronica on vinyl or download the digital version here.


TOPS - "Anything"


Montreal band TOPS graciously released a new single for those of us in constant need of something from Arbutus Records. “Anything” is a heartfelt and heartbreaking track filled with longing and introspection. The pulsing synth backing the track seems to draw you further and further out into the loneliness that only a devastating break-up can bring. Jane’s vocals tiptoe perfectly between soft and shrill keeping you alert to the pain, but somehow soothing you at the same time.

Inspired & The Sleep

"In My Labyrinth Mind"

Inspired & The Sleep_labyrinth

San Diego psych-pop duo Inspired & The Sleep are about to release a new EP, and have been slowly releasing singles over the last couple weeks. “In My Labyrinth Mind” is their latest, and is an expansive groove with an undeniable melody worthy of an afternoon full of repeat plays. The EP is due in October, so keep an eye out.

dd elle

"kind 2 u"

dd elle_kind 2 u

Dan Casey is one of the more prolific artists I’ve had the privilege of knowing. His latest project dd elle sounds like the culmination of his previous projects, finally emerging as the fully evolved manifestation of his intentions. One of the first singles to be released off his upcoming EP u, “kind 2 u,” is almost alien. Casey’s voice is lilting and pitched, almost fully removing his identity from the sound, and yet that’s exactly what makes it feel profound. It’s a special someone who can make something so unique, and yet maintain such strong pop sensibilities that make it instantly likable.

u will be available on September 25th—with a full-length planned for early 2016. Pre-order here.

Grubby Little Hands

"Dial Tone"

grubby little hands_dial tone

Philadelphia artists Grubby Little Hands are a true treasure. They’ve been making music for as long as I’ve been blogging, and hold a special place in my heart. That’s why when Mark over at YVYNYL just released their newest single on his latest mixtape, Elemental BeingI was more than excited. The duo has grown in numbers, and in doing so has expanded their already immersive sound. “Dial Tone” is anthemic and full of rolling melodies rich enough to swim in.