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Grubby Little Hands

"Dial Tone"

grubby little hands_dial tone

Philadelphia artists Grubby Little Hands are a true treasure. They’ve been making music for as long as I’ve been blogging, and hold a special place in my heart. That’s why when Mark over at YVYNYL just released their newest single on his latest mixtape, Elemental BeingI was more than excited. The duo has grown in numbers, and in doing so has expanded their already immersive sound. “Dial Tone” is anthemic and full of rolling melodies rich enough to swim in.

Frugal Father

"Dirty Kids"

Frugal Father_Dirty Kids

Oakland artist Mac Welch released his second EP as Frugal Father last week. The new EP, Held, is full of the kinds of experiments in popular music that Mac has come to be very skilled at over the years. His sound is familiar and distinct, brooding and hopeful, the kind of sound northern California certainly doesn’t hurt developing.

Held is out now via Stereocure.

Sean Nicholas Savage

"Suburban Nights"

SNS_Suburban Nights

My favorite Canadian crooner is back with a cut from his upcoming album, and I couldn’t be happier. Arbutus Records‘ very own Sean Nicholas Savage has announced his next album, and though it’s arriving after his last album Bermuda Waterfall, it feels more like a continuation of the work he did on his dreamy 2013 release, Other LifeHis latest track, “Suburban Nights,” is a slow croon that seems to mimic a lazy evening walk through a suburban neighborhood. His pop-sensibilities are as sharp as ever, and it seems he is incapable of disappointing.

Other Death will be available on September 18th via Arbutus Records

Youth Lagoon


Youth Lagoon_Knower

Trevor Powers is back announcing his third album as Youth Lagoon. He’s held a special place in my heart, ever since the first time I heard “Cannons” back in 2011. With each record, Trevor has managed to evolve, and explore a new facet of his seemingly unending creative nature. “Knower” is an evolutionary journey in and of itself, starting with a creeping etherial falsetto that ultimately grows into a triumphant crescendo Sufjan Stevens would be proud of.

You can pre-order Savage Hills Ballroom via Fat Possum Records.


"Luna (Moon of Claiming)"


Portland-based artist Cemeteries makes the kind of music that—even at a six minute track runtime—you don’t ever want to end. His newest single “Luna (Moon of Claiming)” from his upcoming album Barrow, is no exception. Starting out with a lilting piano, Kyle J. Reigle’s swoon-inducing vocals send you on a zen-like journey that leaves you wishing you could feel this way forever.

Barrow will be out on July 28th via Snowbeast Records & Track and Field Records.




Peaks is a five piece experimental pop project out of Oberlin, Ohio, and just released the first single off their upcoming EP, happydie. A part of the Stereocure family, the EP is full of a wide range of sounds and emotions. “Slumberland” is a plucky anthemic track, perfect for that sort of contemplative joy you can feel when cruising up and down the PCH. It’s both bright and thoughtful.

The happydie EP is out July 17th, and can be pre-ordered via iTunes.

Skylar Spence

"Can't You See"

Skylar Spence_Can't You See

The Saint Pepsi moniker may have been put to rest, but from its ashes, Skylar Spence has officially been born. Ryan DeRobertis’ debut single, “Can’t You See” is painfully dancy, and introduces a key new element to his music: his vocals. It’s a welcome introduction, and a clear evolution for what he’s doing with the new project.

“Can’t You See” is the lead single from Skylar Spence’s upcoming debut album Prom King, which will be available on September 18th via Carpark Records.



Kazimier_Parks_Gifts EP

New York artist Kazimier makes sometimes weirdo-pop, sometimes ambient, sometimes non-genre-conforming electronic music. His latest tracks can be found on a delightfully weird and sparkling split EP with LA “boy composer” Parks Burton. I couldn’t think of a better home for the Gifts EP than with our friends at Grind Select, who just can’t seem to simply release anything. Instead they err on the side of experimentation when it comes to their release methods. That’s why they built an experiential website dedicated to the EP where you can create your own GIFs as you listen to the album—”turn Gifts, into GIFs.”

Gifts is out today digitally & on cassette via Graveyard Orbit.


Owen Thiele & Zack Sekoff - "run"


Owen Thiele and Zack Sekoff are the perfect combination of talents. By joining Thiele’s smooth-as-butter vocals with Sekoff‘s production (and occasional rap) skills, they’ve stumbled upon a recipe of sound that’s almost irresistible. Their debut EP, Without, was recorded entirely in Zack’s dorm room, which is hard to believe when you hear what they managed to produce.

I’m so happy to give you the first chance to watch the brand new Zachariah de Cairo (High Five Collective) directed video for their single “run.” They’ve infused themes of heartbreak and loss into a terribly infectious track that begs you to dance. And the visuals Cairo has created accompany the vibes perfectly.

The full EP will be released soon, so be on the lookout.